Change War Card Game Rules To Make Love Games for Couples

Sexy War Card Game
“SIZE Matters? How big do you Want It?”

In this article you’ll discover how to play a war card game to make love and have even better sex. When you mix in your favourite foreplay ideas, you’ll want to win lots of these sexy 2 player card games for couples. Our adult version of the war game called Persian Pasha is called Size Matters. Intimate lovers who like to make certain things get BIG will want to play a couple games. It’s a quick and easy strip game to play where making it Big leads to stripping, sensual foreplay and passionate lovemaking. You don’t want a war without the make up sex.

Although based on a military theme, we’ve spiced up our erotic version with a variety of penis metaphors to make it more interesting. It was a little bit of a stretch but we feel “it” fits nicely.

Objective of Size Matters

In each round of these adult card games you want to make the prize as BIG as possible without losing control. Premature climax in each hand is not in your best interest. While attempting to Strip your lover of all their cards, you receive foreplay pleasures whenever the winning hand is Filled with a Large number of cards. The player who wins all the cards or has the most after a specified time limit wins a sexual favour or fantasy reward.

Setup & Preparation for Erotic War

Define a set of foreplay ideas to correspond to each of the 13 cards in a deck. Also specify a set of 13 possible sex play activities corresponding to each card. A full, standard deck of cards is used – include one or more Jokers. Shuffle and deal out all the cards face down so that each player has half the deck each (neatly stacked). Ensure no one sees what the cards are – no peeking.

To help you customize your own sexy card games with the kinds of stimulating foreplay ideas you want in your couples games, here are four editable PDF templates that you can download, fill in and print out:

You can add any type of frisky activity you want ranging from romantic to sensual to down right kinky. You can even make up different versions to use as your couple games progress to a climax. This allows you to start off slow and build up to more explicit sexual play as you strip each other naked. For more details about using these card based foreplay activity templates, see our article on How to Turn Free Card Games Into Sexy And Fun Card Games For Couples.

How to Play The Sexy War Card Game

Both players turn over the top card from their stack and place it face up to begin their Staff. Players continue turning over cards and adding to the length of their Staff one by one until things Cum to a Head – stop when both players have turned up cards with the same suit. The player with the highest card wins the hand, takes all the face up cards and puts them on the bottom of their stack to rise again. Aces are high then Kings, Queens, Jacks, etc. Jokers have no value but match any suit – they are wild.

If the size of the Staff gets long enough (at least 4 or 5 cards – choose a size you are comfortable with), the winner of the hand also receives a Foreplay bonus corresponding to the winning card. The player losing control must perform the foreplay activity immediately before the game resumes. If the Staff is not of a suitable length or size, no foreplay occurs.

Note that Jokers are special. Jokers have a value of zero but have a wild suit. If you play a Joker you lose control immediately and must also strip one item of clothing. You may still need to perform some foreplay as well. If both players turn up a Joker, both strip one item of clothing then continue adding cards to the staff.

Play until someone wins all the cards or for a set time limit. The player with the most cards at the end wins and receives their sex play bonus corresponding to the last winning card.

Scoring Your Dirty Games

You score foreplay favours from your lover based on how well you erect and control large Staffs. Size Matters so make them big and powerful. If you want (or need) to play more, print off another sheet with some different foreplay ideas or sex play activities.


Here are a few ways to spice up your couple games of erotic war so you’ll want to play and make love together even more:

  • Use a deck of Erotic Playing Cards for visual stimulation
  • Use two decks of cards combined – makes for a longer game
  • Set different size requirements for each player (women may want it bigger before sex – men may be willing even if it’s smaller)
  • The winner of the hand performs the Foreplay activities instead of the player losing control

We hope you enjoy designing, customizing and playing your very own adult card games for couples. Imagine how else you can turn solitaire into 2 play card games for couples. Get more ideas for your love games in our Sex Games and Foreplay Ideas for Couples book available on Amazon. It includes hundreds of pleasuring activities of different intensity levels mapped to both dice and cards for use in your intimate games.

If you’re intrigued by love and war combined, check out the Love Chess computer game that you can download and play together with your partner. It’s sexy entertainment at it’s finest – a combination of erotic art and sexual battle chess. Just click the image below.

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