Erogenous Zones Erotic Crossword

Erogenous Zones Foreplay Ideas

Here is an erotic crossword about various erogenous zones and different foreplay ideas for stimulating them. These pleasure zones like to be tickled, touched, kissed, licked and sucked as you tease and tantalize each other. Solve the puzzle alone or together as mental foreplay and use the ideas later during your physical foreplay. Or turn it into a sensual foreplay game and perform the pleasuring activities with each other in the order you solve them. You can compete with your lover to be the first to finish the puzzle. Agree on a sexual forfeit or reward before you start. For example, the winner is rewarded with pleasuring corresponding to all the unfinished activities on their lover’s crossword.

Challenge Your Friends or Lovers

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PDF version for printing: erogenous-zones.pdf

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