Erotic Eight Ball – Dirty Pool Foreplay Games for Couples

Strip Pool Table Sex Games
Do you like to play dirty with balls?

Here is an erotic adaptation of Eight-Ball or Spots & Stripes pool for couples who want to spice up their couples games with foreplay and other sexy activities. It’s a relatively easy game that requires a bit of skill or lots of luck. It includes opportunities to play for what you really want: stripping, sensual foreplay and maybe some nasty, dirty sex if you’re into kinky sex play.

Dirty Pool Objective
Sink all of your balls (spots or stripes) then sink the black 8 ball. There are foreplay penalties when you scratch or foul a shot. And, whenever you perform a combination shot and sink one of your lover’s balls, you receive a special foreplay bonus for helping them (and yourself). As you win, your lover strips. The first player to win 5 games wins the match and receives their special sex play activity or fantasy.
Sexy Game Play
You’ll need a (semi) private pool table and fifteen numbered/colored balls. For information on playing standard game, click Eight Ball rules. Assign a foreplay activity to each of the fifteen ball values plus a Foul (use the online form). Make the activities for the 8 ball and Foul a little more extreme and maybe just a tad nasty (erotic spanking, flogging, anal play, etc.) since these will only be performed as a penalty or punishment. Play using regular Eight Ball rules or your own special variation with these erotic enhancements:
  • Except on the break, if you pocket one (or more) of your lover’s balls after hitting one of yours first (legal combo shot), you receive a foreplay bonus for that ball. Continue your turn even if you did not pocket one of your own balls.
  • If you make a foul shot involving the 8 ball, you don’t lose the game. Instead, re-spot it if necessary and receive a special sex penalty administered by your lover.
  • If you have a foul shot on any other ball by hitting the other player’s ball first or sinking the cue ball, you receive the foreplay penalty corresponding to Foul.
Foreplay bonuses are performed immediately when they are won. Match up the ball number with the corresponding activity on your scoring sheet.
Scoring Your Pool Table Sex Games
To get you started playing a few games we’ve design an activity sheet template with sample foreplay ideas: Dirty Pool Activities. It’s an online form that you can edit and print out.

As in standard Eight Ball (Spots & Stripes), the first player to sink all the spots or stripes and then the 8 ball wins the game. Since Eight Ball is relatively quick and easy to play, you must win five games to be declared the overall match winner. This also ensures that you prolong your foreplay games for maximum fun. To make things interesting, when you win a game, your lover must strip off one article of clothing. If it’s an even match, you should both be naked and ready for the final fun to come.

The scoring sheet is configured for five games. If you want (or need) to play more, print off another sheet with some different foreplay ideas or sex play activities.

Strip Pool Variations
Here is a list of variations you can apply to enhance your foreplay games:
  • For players with lesser pool playing skills, receive foreplay whenever you sink one of your lover’s balls.
  • Lose the game if you foul on the 8 ball but the winner receives the corresponding punishment foreplay.
  • For a quick version, play best two out of three games.
  • Receive foreplay when you sink your own balls but only if you sink them in order lowest to highest. That is, for each turn, if you sink your lowest valued ball, you receive the corresponding foreplay activity.
Note that you can also play strip pool using a computer or tablet based billiards program. You won’t be able to experience sex on top of or bent over a pool table but a bed or other types of furniture work just a well.

Play Dirty Games Together and … Enjoy Better Sex!

We hope you enjoy designing, customizing and playing your very own strip pool games for couples. Get more ideas for your love games in our Sex Games and Foreplay Ideas for Couples book available on Amazon. It includes hundreds of pleasuring activities of different intensity levels mapped to both dice and cards for use in your intimate games.

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