Erotic Word Games For Couples

Erotic Word Games for Couples

If you like naughty words, here are some erotic word games for you. Play them to get into the mood or during the downtime after an intimate session as you prepare for seconds or thirds. You can even have timed competitions with a sexy reward for the winner. Erotic Crossword and Wild Word Search puzzles are provided below to stimulate your sexual creativity and get your mental juices flowing.

Stimulate Your Mind then Each Other!

These games can be played online interactively (complete with hints) or you can print the PDF version. Note that some of these naughty word games include samples of activities that come with our Frisky Foreplay & Frisky Business Games for Couples packages. We hope you enjoy them.

Note: Flash version 7 or above is required to play the word games online: Get Flash. Also, they currently don’t work on iPhones or iPads because of the flash requirement.

Erotic Crossword Puzzles

Wild Word Find Puzzles

These naughty word search games are similar to the erotic crossword puzzles but offer their own unique challenges. They can be quite hard but are excellent mental foreplay.

  • Stimulate Her Male foreplay tips & ideas to get her hot for more
  • Stimulate Him Female foreplay tips & ideas to get him hot for more
  • Sex Coupons Sample lovemaking ideas to reward your lover with pleasure
  • Frisky Ideas Foreplay and sex play ideas when you desire more frisky fun
  • Erogenous Zones Enjoy tickling, stroking, kissing, licking and sucking these
  • Pleasure Chest Sexy toys and playful accessories for the creative couple
  • Sexy Slang Use your dirty mind to unscramble these naughty & nasty words

Stimulate your mind with these erotic games and inspire yourself with ideas for great sex together. There will be more to come. If you love naughty word games, check out Crasswords: The Enhanced Edition: Dirty Crosswords for Cunning Linguists

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