Fooling Around Game Comes With Frisky Foreplay

Fooling Around With Frisky Foreplay Couples Games

Fooling Around is an erotic foreplay game for couples to be played with the Frisky Foreplay activity booklets. This Tongue in Cheek adult game involves Fooling Around the Rim of a Hole. Deep inside the Hole are Hot Spots. Your goal is to fill the Hot Spots with your Pleasure Plugs. When the Hole is completely plugged, the game is over – the winner is the player plugging the most hot spots.

This amazing foreplay game is about fun and exciting sensual intimacy – sex is definitely on the menu. So dim the lights, turn off the phone, find a comfy location and get down to it. You will get lucky with every roll of the dice.

Note that Fooling Around is a bonus sex game that comes with Frisky Foreplay. Both of these foreplay games are available as electronic downloads at The full rules are presented below so that you can get a better idea as to how these two exciting adult dice games can spice up your sex life.

How to Play

You will need 3 coloured dice (preferably white, red and black) and 6 Pleasure Plugs each (use coins, poker chips, etc.). The order and numbers on the three dice correspond to one of 216 erotic ideas contained in each of the male and female Frisky Foreplay activity booklets. And of course you will need to print out the Hole full colour design to play with.

The game is relatively simple but there are rules of course:

  • Start with one Pleasure Plug each – women go first.
  • Roll 3 dice every turn and move clockwise around the Rim using any one die.
  • If you roll a double you must attempt to enter the Hole using one of the double die.
  • If you roll a triple, use one, two or three dice to move – Hole penetration optional.
  • If you land on another unlocked plug, send it back to the Start.
  • If you start in the Hole, you must reverse thrust and come back out of the Hole.
  • When you end a move on a Hot Spot, it is considered Plugged or locked in place.
  • When you plug a Hot Spot, start a new pleasure plug and all players remove one article of clothing if they have any left on.
  • When you land on a Frisky Spot (three dice image), perform the corresponding activity in the Frisky Foreplay booklet. Cap the intensity level based on the number of pleasure plugs on the board (including plugged Hot Spots).
  • When you land on any other Pleasure Spot, perform the foreplay or game play activity indicated. The foreplay activities require your creative interpretation.
  • Fooling Around ends when all the Hot Spots are plugged – Sex anyone?
  • Winner is the player plugging the most Hot Spots or, in a tie, the one who plugs the last Hot Spot.

As you plug and fill the Hole more and more, the action gets hotter as well. The more plugs in the Hole means higher intensity level foreplay activities come into play. You will explore creative pleasuring ideas that range from Warm & Loving to Wild & Kinky with loads of luscious sensual variety throughout.

Extra Details

Even simple games can become complicated and there is only one type of Hard Feeling we want you to experience. So, here are a few extra details to ensure everyone plays for fun:

  • Every player should have a distinctive type of Pleasure Plug so you can tell them apart and determine a winner.
  • Each entry point can access two Hot Spots. You can move through and around unplugged Hot Spots but if both Hot Spots are plugged, you must continue by moving back out of the Hole.
  • If you roll a triple, going into the Hole is optional. Also, you can use one, two or all three dice to determine how many Pleasure Spots you traverse.
  • Whenever you land on a Frisky Spot, use the three dice currently rolled to identify a foreplay activity in your Frisky Foreplay booklet for you to perform for your lover. The intensity level indicated by the white die should be reduced or capped to a maximum determined by the number of pleasure plugs currently on the board. The intensity level will start at 2.
  • Each player may have a maximum of 2 pleasure plugs in play (that are not yet locked in a Hot Spot). If you land on a location instructing you to start another plug but already have two in play, you must choose one of your plugs to move back to the start.
  • If you have two pleasure plugs in play, you may move any one you desire. Also, in this situation, if you move one onto a Hot Spot, do not start another one yet.
  • There are 5 special icons used on the circular pleasure spots:

Erotic Dice

Frisky Spot: look up and perform the activity in the Frisky Foreplay booklet corresponding to the dice rolled. Cap the intensity level at the total number of pleasure plugs currently on the board (including Hot Spots).

Oral Foreplay Ideas

Perform an oral pleasuring activity for your lover. Kiss, lick and suck on one of the body parts identified on the pleasure spot.

Romantic Foreplay Ideas

Perform a pleasuring activity that is tender and loving as indicated. Explore intimate and sensual feelings.

Visual Foreplay Ideas

These pleasure spots are intended for you to provide visual stimulation for your lover as indicated. Creatively pleasure yourself as well.

Erotic Hot Spots

The flames designate Hot Spots – you want to lock in your pleasure plugs here.

For a non-competitive, Fooling Around game, use a single type of Pleasure Plug that both players reuse alternately. Start off with just one. Frisky Foreplay activities would also start at the lowest intensity level as well.

Please check out the Frisky Foreplay and Fooling Around games for couples at Surprise your lover tonight with a naughty new sex game for the bedroom (or anywhere else you can both enjoy yourselves in private). You will be totally satisfied. As you play these erotic dice games, Tease & Tantalize each other while resisting the urge to go all the way until someone wins. Discover foreplay activities that encourage you to try new techniques, rarely used positions, unique accessories and even favourite sex toys in creative new ways. Take the chance to explore for new erogenous zones and devise new ways to stimulate your favourites. Inspire each other to go beyond the ordinary and make your adult playtime extra special.

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