Frisky Business Erotic Crossword

Frisky Business Sex Ideas & Tips

Here is an erotic crossword puzzle based on sample card segments from our Frisky Business Game. This downloadable package allows you to transform your old boring Monopoly board into a couples game or a sex themed party game for adults. The new rules and property enhancements turn it into a stripping game with foreplay activities that you can purchase instead of paying rent. The winner gets to buy the kind of sex they really want so you both win in the end. It’s a great game to play at the cottage while you’re on vacation.

You can play this crossword alone or together and use the sex ideas to spice up your lovemaking later. Or turn it into a couples game and compete to see who can finish it first. Agree on a sexual forfeit or reward to make the erotic game even more interesting.

Challenge Your Friends or Lovers

Open in a separate window: Frisky Business Puzzle

PDF version for printing: frisky-business.pdf

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