How to Play Dirty Games With The Go Fish Rules

Sexy New Go Fish Rules
“Ask For What You Want?
You Might Just Get It Or …
Be Told to Go #$@%! Yourself”

In this article you’ll find out how to play Go Fish as a sex game for couples. We’ve design a few erotic twists to spice up the Go Fish rules and turn it into an exciting adult game we call Go Bleep Yourself! It’s one of those easy card games that can turn a quiet, intimate night into a hot affair. As you play together, asking each other for what you really want will lead to stripping, sensual foreplay and passionate sex. You may not always get the answer you’re looking for but you’ll have fun trying.


With these naughty go fish card game rules, you Ask for Sex activities by requesting matching cards. If your partner has what you’re looking for you get it then and there. However, if you ask for something they can’t provide they get to tell you to "Go Bleep Yourself". The player who makes the most successful sexual requests (matching pairs of cards) wins a sexual favour or fantasy reward.

Setup & Preparation

Write down a list of his/her foreplay activities to correspond to each of the 13 cards in a deck. Include at least two cards that require players to strip an item of clothing (or use Jokers – see variations). Also write down a set of 13 possible sex activities corresponding to each card. A full, standard deck of cards is used. Shuffle and deal out 7 cards face down to each player. The remaining stack is placed in the center of the players to be used as a draw pile.

To help you customize your own sexy card games with the kinds of stimulating activities you want in your couples games, here are four editable PDF templates that you can download, fill in and print out:

You can add any type of frisky activity you want ranging from romantic to sensual to down right kinky. You can even make up different versions to use as the game progresses. This allows you to start off slow and build up to more explicit sexual play as you strip each other naked. For more details about using these card based foreplay activity templates, see our article on How to Turn Free Card Games Into Sexy And Fun Card Games For Couples.

How to Play Go Fish as a Sex Game

Women go first and play alternates. Looking at your cards, ask your lover if they have a card that matches one in your hand. If they have one they’re obliged to give it to you otherwise they declare that you can Go Bleep Yourself. To make the game more lively, fill in any expletive desired. If your request is unsuccessful, you must draw a card from the stack. If you find a match, you may set the pair of cards to the side to be totalled later.

If you request a card from your lover and they have it, they must give it to you. And:

  • If the cards are of opposite colour (red & black) you receive the foreplay activity corresponding to the card. The activity is to be performed by your lover immediately
  • If the cards are the same colour, you win the set but no foreplay activities are awarded
  • Set the pair of cards to the side as part of your winnings to be totalled later
  • Make another request to see how far you can go

If at any point you run out of cards, immediately draw another 3 cards from the stack. If the stack is exhausted continue making requests of each other until all matches have been completed. Note that you can keep pairs in your hand while there is still a stack but must lay them down once it has been exhausted.

Play until all the cards have been matched into paired sets. The player with the most pairs of matching cards at the end wins and receives their Sex play bonus corresponding to the last two cards matched.


You score sexual favours from your partner based on how compatible your requests are with what your lover is able to provide. The player with the most matches wins the round – play as many times as you like (maybe with a more intense list of foreplay ideas to enjoy). Once you play this bedroom game a few times you’ll come up with many of your own variations to spice it up even more.


Here is a list of variations you can apply to enhance this foreplay game:

  • Receive foreplay activity for all matches made even if you picked the card from the stack
  • Perform female activity when a red match is found and male activity when a black match is found, none for mixed
  • Receive foreplay activity for all matches regardless of colour combination – results in more foreplay
  • Only allow matches to be laid down if they are mixed colour red & black – makes the game last longer
  • Use Erotic Playing Cards for visual stimulation and distraction
  • Use two decks of cards combined – makes for a longer game but more sensual foreplay
  • Include Jokers in the mix. Finding a Joker means the other player removes an article of clothing. Unless you are both naked, reshuffle Jokers back into the draw pile when played. Jokers can be played at any time during your turn – you can even ask your lover if they have one then use it yourself
  • Invite special friends over and play together – may want to use two decks of cards combined

We hope you enjoy designing, customizing and playing your very own sexy card games for couples. For more game ideas, get our Sex Games and Foreplay Ideas for Couples book available on Amazon. It includes hundreds of pleasuring activities of different intensity levels mapped to both dice and cards for use in your intimate games.

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