How to Play Scrabble as a Dirty Words Sex Game for Couples

Sexy Scrabble Games
“Discover How To Drive Your Lover Wild With
Hot Sexy Words and Dirty Talk”

In this article you’ll find out how to play scrabble using dirty words and your erotic imagination. It’s an exciting word game for couples who love to talk dirty and play naughty with each other. Why play regular Scrabble when you can easily turn it into a hot couples game to spice up your relationship. Mix in erotic talk, stripping and a sequence of delightful foreplay activities and you have a sexy game that is both mentally and physically stimulating. Although anything is possible throughout the game, the intensity of the foreplay activities increase as the game progresses. All you need is a Scrabble Board and a dirty mind – oh and maybe a few sex toys or other kinky pleasuring accessories.


The ultimate goal is to drive your lover wild with words (backed with action of course). Come up with the right words to turn them on and make each other hot and eager for great sex. Get each other stripping and performing foreplay activities based on the words you form on the board. But you also need to dream up exciting activities for your partner to perform using your dirty words. If your stuck for the right words, you can also score with points. The player with the highest word score wins and determines a sexual favour or fantasy reward they would like to experience.

Setup & Preparation

Use a regular Scrabble Game Board.Create a list of foreplay activities that map to various point levels. For instance, at 20 get a massage, at 100 your partner strips an item of clothing, at 300 receive oral pleasuring, etc. You can use the online Erotic Scrabble Activity Template we’ve designed. It allows you to generate new random sex ideas, edit any you want to change and print it out to look nice. It has sample male and female foreplay ideas set at 20 point increments from 20 to 360 (anal play?). You’ll also want to decide on a sexual reward for the winner or a frisky forfeit for the loser.

Note that activities for higher scores (near the bottom of the list) require fairly skilled word play to obtain. These types of foreplay activities should match the difficulty of obtaining this level.

How to Play

Play with standard Scrabble rules with the following additions:

  • When you place any word that can be used in a sensual/sexual context, use it in a descriptive, verbal request of your lover and they are obliged to perform it immediately (be mindful of the current level of foreplay/arousal – escalate to explicit sexual activity when appropriate)
  • Slang terms for body parts, erogenous zones or actions are acceptable – they don’t have to be in the dictionary
  • Multi-word combinations can be used (without spaces) only if they are of an erotic nature (e.g. lickmy, buttplug, thrustyour, etc.)
  • Stripping can be requested but only one article of clothing per turn

Here are some samples to trigger your own erotic imagination:

  • Shirt: let me slowly unbutton and remove your shirt
  • Butt: bend over my knee so I can sensually spank your butt
  • Flavour: I want to taste the flavour of cherry massage oil when I lick your nipples
  • Glass: Let me watch as you pleasure yourself with a glass dildo
  • Purple: I want to pleasure you with the purple anal dildo
  • Paint: Use an artist paint brush to flick and swirl lube around my nipples and clitoris


Score as in regular Scrabble. After each turn, if your score has reached (or exceeded) one of the threshold values on the activity template, you receive the corresponding foreplay performed by your lover. You only receive the activity bonus once per game and it is possible to skip some activities if you score more than 20 points in a turn. If you have the desire, create a longer list for 10 point increments – you’ll mix in a greater variety of options to play for.


Here is a list of variations you can apply to enhance this foreplay game:

  • If your lover places a word but does not use it in an erotic request, at the beginning of your turn, you have the option to use it and get your sexy reward
  • Use a timer to determine how long foreplay activities are to be performed
  • When you reach a certain point level, switch it up and give your lover the foreplay bonus instead
  • Erotic words placed on bonus squares are to be performed for double or triple time
  • Obtain a point bonus of 10 if your lover refuses to perform a specific request – if it’s actually possible of course
  • Create a list of sex rewards for the winner based on the difference in scores at the end of the game.

We hope you enjoy designing, customizing and playing your very own adult games for couples. For more game ideas, get our Sex Games and Foreplay Ideas for Couples book available on Amazon. It includes hundreds of pleasuring activities of different intensity levels mapped to both dice and cards for use in your intimate games.

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