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In this article you’ll discover how to enhance the strip poker rules for parties and turn it into one of your favourite adult card games for couples. Our version that we call Pleasure Poker is a variation of classic strip poker for two that you can enjoy in and out of the bedroom. This sexy strip game includes foreplay ideas designed for intimate lovers willing to go all in for pleasure. You’ll play head to head as you try to win pleasure with each hand.

This couples oriented stripping game is an erotic adaptation of Texas Hold’em Poker. Knowing how and when to use your hands will lead to stripping, sensual foreplay and passionate sex after a couple games. Although similar to regular strip poker which is best played with a group of friends, this is a betting game for intimate couples where clothing and foreplay can get you more chips. With more chips, you can buy better sex (with each other of course).


In this extra friendly game of No Limit poker, you want to literally bet the pants off your lover. Having winning hands ensures that you receive as much pleasure as possible. Learn to read your lover’s body language to get what you really want. Bet with chips and/or specially valued foreplay services. The player who wins all the chips or has the most after a specified time limit wins their favourite sex play activity or fantasy.

Setup & Preparation

Allocate a total pot of chips worth $10000 (e.g. 60 x $50 chips and 70 x $100 chips). Define a set of foreplay activities to correspond to each card with increasing price points. For example, $200-$1400 in $100 increments corresponding to 13 foreplay ideas. See the sample online strip poker template that you can fill in and print. Also, each player writes down a sex play activity or erotic reward they will enjoy as the winner. Optionally specify a menu of sex play rewards with prices assigned to each. These will be purchased from your lover with the winnings (useful for timed games).

A standard deck of poker cards is used. Each player receives $500 worth of chips to start. Set the remaining chips aside as the Bank. The bank is used to reward players for various erotic activities. Fix the blinds at $50 and $100.

How to Play Strip Poker Rules

Play normal No Limit Texas Hold’em poker following the standard betting format with these additional erotic rules:

  • If you lose all your chips (going all in), you must remove one article of clothing to receive $500 worth of chips from the bank – only if you have clothes remaining.
  • In addition, if you lose all your chips, you may perform one of the defined foreplay activities to receive extra chips. Indicate your intention, draw a card from the deck and perform the corresponding foreplay activity for your lover. You then get the designated amount of chips from the Bank.
  • If you are the chip lead (top player), you may offer to pay your lover to perform any defined foreplay activity using your own chips. If they accept they also receive a matching amount of chips from the Bank. If they refuse, you get the amount from the bank instead.
  • If you have the fewest chips (bottom player), you can bet any one foreplay activity per hand as a marker for a specific value of chips. If you lose the hand, you must perform the activity. If you win, you just get the chips in the pot.

Some additional notes:

  • If you select and perform a foreplay activity for chips and the bank does not have enough available, you get the remaining amount from the bank and the rest from your lover. The next player to go out loses the game when the bank is empty.
  • If you pick a card corresponding to an activity you’re not yet willing to perform, negotiate an alternative (draw a new card, your lover specifies one, strip another article of clothing, etc.).

Play until someone wins all the chips or for a set time limit. The player with the most chips at the end wins and receives their sex play bonus. If playing for a time limit, use the difference in chips you each have to determine what sex play activity can be purchased. For instance, if you end with only $1900 more than your lover, you can choose a sex play activity valued at or below $1900. Purchase multiple activities if you have the chips for it.


You score by winning enough chips to buy what you want from your lover. Having good hands helps but bluffing and lady luck play a role as well. If you want (or need) to play a couple games more, print off another scoring sheet with some different foreplay or sex play activities.


Here is a list of variations you can apply to enhance this foreplay game:

  • Use Erotic Playing Cards for visual stimulation and distraction
  • Create two lists of foreplay activities (each successively more intense). Start with the tamer version first and switch as the size of the bank dwindles.
  • Assume each foreplay activity lasts for about one minute. Allow the chip value of the foreplay activities to become multiples based on the number of minutes they will be performed. (limit to 2x or 3x only)
  • For every two articles of clothing one player loses, the other must remove one (not counted as a loss).
  • For more foreplay variety, create four sheets of activities corresponding to hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades (or two sheets for red & black cards).

There are a few strip poker games you can buy if you desire:

We hope you enjoy designing, customizing and playing your very own adult card games for couples. For more strip game ideas, get our Sex Games and Foreplay Ideas for Couples book available on Amazon. It includes hundreds of pleasuring activities of different intensity levels mapped to both dice and cards for use in your intimate games.

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