How to Spice Up Your Love Life With Sexy Games for Couples

Foreplay Games to Enhance Your Orgasms

From Barbara & Michael Kortekaas

Do you want more hot, sexy fun in your love life?

In every relationship, there comes a time when you need something new to stimulate your senses and make you feel more alive. You love each other deeply but sex can become routine … even boring. Discover how you can quickly and easily spice up your sex play and make your love life more exciting. Sometimes the simple things are the best.

Like you, my husband and I have searched for answers to common questions every couple has:

  • How to make a relationship better?
  • How to keep a relationship exciting?
  • How to improve your marriage?
  • How to spice up your marriage?
  • How to maintain a loving connection?
  • How to keep the passion alive?
  • How to have more fulfilling foreplay?
  • How to have more satisfying sex?

We have discovered that having more fun together in and out of the bedroom is the key. Fooling around and laughing together makes you feel better immediately – energized and happy with each other. ‘Couples that Play Together Stay Together’ is some of the best advice we can offer you. When you make your adult play time a priority, you’ll see amazing, positive changes in your life together.

And, of course, what’s more fun and playful than having good sex together? Emotional and physical intimacy is essential for all loving relationships. Sometimes you want romance and seduction and sometimes you need to let loose and get wild, passionate and naughty. Whatever your desire, I am sure you have noticed how much happier you feel after making love and having fun together – how much brighter and more positive you feel about yourself, your partner and your relationship. And when you have good sex, you want more sex … better sex … Great Sex … AMAZING SEX!

Keeping Sex Exciting is the Secret

As couples get to know each other better, we learn which pleasure buttons to press to get the "job done". Don’t get me wrong, a simple sex session can be very satisfying and enjoyable. Unfortunately, sometimes we forget that … Foreplay is Fun. And not just the physical stuff – get your minds involved too.

Everyone craves sexual variety and erotic adventure – that extra spice that keeps things interesting and exciting. You want to feel the thrill of doing something new and maybe even a bit risky. Remember the playful, frisky antics you enjoyed when you first met – the flirting, the suggestive innuendos, the sense you were doing something naughty and forbidden. As you explored your sexuality, you felt vulnerable at times but you were eager and willing to take a chance and try anything at least once. Feeling attractive and desired, you had the confidence to be adventurous. You even tapped into your mischievous side to explore taboo pleasures just for fun. You can recapture that youthful passion and sexual energy again.

During our many years together, we have been exploring and developing new ways to keep our marriage filled with fun and excitement. There are thousands of resources available with many interesting sex techniques and foreplay ideas – we bought most of them. But, with such busy schedules, most couples don’t have time to read through them all. So, we decided to make the ideas, tips and techniques we have discovered available to you in a simple and easy to use format. Rather than quickly reading, forgetting and never using all the wonderful sex and foreplay tips, we have found that erotic games help you to

"Enjoy discovering your sensual and sexual creativity …
Be open to explore fun & playful activities …
Increase your desire for Great Sex!"

Playing couples games together gets you thinking and talking about new types of lovemaking experiences that you want to try:

  • Relationship games help you explore your emotional needs and the unique perspectives you each have about your lives together. As your relationship evolves and grows, you both change as well. Couples need to take time to relearn new things about each other so that nothing is taken for granted. Build a deeper appreciation and connection as you focus on your feelings for each other.
  • Foreplay and sex games help you pace intimate activities so you can fully enjoy the sensual pleasure even more. Not knowing exactly what will happen next creates an element of delightful surprise. Mix in a little competition with just the right amount of strategy and these games will increase your excitement and build your sexual tension (for a more intense release later). When you win a sensual reward, it feels so much better.
  • Erotic party games with friends give you the chance to explore new sexual ideas, attitudes and thoughts. In a fun and playful setting (with a few drinks), share your perspectives on sex and discover how other people enjoy themselves. You may even learn a few secret fantasies, sexual adventures or naughty deeds that you can try yourself later – satisfy your curiosity.

We have been designing and playing foreplay games for many years. We even enhance store bought games to make them more fun. To get you started exploring your own adult games, we decided to package ours together so you can enjoy them too. Some are original game designs while others are custom enhancements for games you may already own or play. Our game designs are focused on creative sensual intimacy – great sex is the goal. They encourage you to sample various types and intensities of stimulation for a total sensual experience.

As you know, more foreplay is essential to improving your overall lovemaking experience. Extended pleasuring is one of the best ways to dramatically intensify your orgasms. With Games for Couples, you can:

  • Enjoy new foreplay combinations for more intimate variety
  • Play with your sex toys and erotic accessories together
  • Experiment with new sensual pleasuring techniques
  • Rediscover forgotten erogenous zones or find new ones
  • Explore new types of sensual stimulation you really want to try
  • Prolong your pleasure & build excitement for a more explosive climax

Great sex is important to the strength of your relationship. Maintaining that intimate connection is why we designed our games to:

  • Create fun ways for you to add hot new random sex ideas into your bedroom
  • Encourage you to try or retry intimate foreplay tips in new combinations
  • Help you discover new sensual pleasuring techniques – you might like it or secretly want it
  • Stimulate your erotic thoughts and desires – discuss kinkier activities to see where they lead
  • Make it easier for you to discuss and explore wild fantasies – gain confidence to act them out
  • Help you identify what you truly want and need to feel sexually fulfilled – free your inhibitions
  • Give you a "safe & sensitive" way to decline certain activities you’re not comfortable with – yet

Above all, we want to inspire couples like you have more Fun & Pleasure and be Happier Together.

We pack a lot of erotic ideas into our games. You can use them even without playing by the rules. Here are just a few other ways you can use the foreplay ideas, tips & techniques that come with the games:

  • Attempt to have "Sex All Night Long" without fear of running out of ideas – great foreplay can last for days
  • Creatively use a few random ideas when you make love – look forward to something new every night
  • Add excitement to regular games using the ideas as forfeits or rewards – make private bets while you are out playing with friends
  • Spice up other foreplay games with fresh new activities – hope you like it hotter than they do
  • While watching TV together, quickly find something to do with each other during commercial breaks – how much pleasure can you get into before the show starts again

You will also learn how to use the foreplay ideas to transform your own bedroom games into naughty new favorites.

Frisky Foreplay Fun

Frisky Games for Couples

For couples and lovers everywhere, we have designed our own collection of erotic games guaranteed to spice up your love life with creative new ways to make your adult play time SIZZLE! Each passion boosting game focuses on your sensual intimacy – Tease & Tantalize each other as you get hotter and hotter. Great sex is definitely on the menu but can you resist the urge to go all the way before you win that special sensual reward? Stoke the flames of passion in your relationship with skill and chance. Explore new erogenous zones and encourage each other to try juicy new techniques, rarely used sex positions, unique accessories and even your favorite sex toys in delightful new ways.

Get your hands on our naughty games below:

  • Frisky Foreplay – our best selling erotic dice game. Three dice and over 200 foreplay activities for each player. Sounds simple and it is until you get to the higher intensity levels where you encounter some very interesting tasks to perform – that is if you really want to win. Mischievous dares and bluffs are part of the fun. How far will you push your limits?
  • Fooling Around – is a tongue in cheek board game played with the Frisky Foreplay activity sheets. The circular design represents … well you know. Move your pleasure plugs in and out and all around the rim until you fill all the hot spots.
  • Frisky Business – is an erotic game that can be played by 2 or more people in a social or more intimate setting. Transform your old property trading game and monopolize the sex industry instead.
  • Going Down Getting Off – is a Snakes & Ladders style board game with a sexy twist – pleasure portals. Hop from one erogenous zone to another until you finally get off … the board. Although intended for two, if you are really naughty, two or more couples can play this sex game.

Rekindle the excitement in your relationship – Download and play one of the Frisky Games for Couples today. You can enjoy many amazing days & nights of pleasure for less than the price of an evening out. Stay in and enjoy yourselves even more.

Frisky Foreplay Game
"We barely made it to the third level before ripping off each other’s clothes and having a steamy session of passionate sex. This game gets more than the creative juices flowing!"
Ty M. New York, NY

Frisky Foreplay Game
"This game was really exciting and naughty. It was hard at times to continue playing, as the game gets you so excited you want to stop and jump your partner. Definitely enhanced the fun and friskiness to our relationship and it increased our appetite for each other! It got my knickers in a twist … in a good way."
Stacy S, Ireland

Frisky Foreplay, Frisky Business, Going Down Getting Off
"Thanks for sharing your games with me. These certainly were not slapped together overnight. You obviously put a lot of thought and time into creating them. Any couple that wants to add some zing to their lovemaking should check it out. Not for the faint of heart!"
Michael Webb – Founder,

A lot of thought went into each of these adult games; they are easy to play while also stimulating for both your mind and body. Most important of all, they are fun to play together as a couple. How much is great sex with the person you love worth? Quality time with your partner is priceless. Even one night of ultimate pleasure is worth the price yet you can experience many nights of amazing foreplay fun and wonderful lovemaking – different every time.

With Frisky Games for Couples you get to inflame your lover’s passion and turn up the erotic heat with a range of spicy games to satisfy your every desire. If you are still a little timid, consider …

"Sometimes Sex is hard to talk about but …"

Everyone needs Exciting Sex – Sex that:

  • energizes and excites you – mind and body
  • leaves you spent but still wanting more
  • goes beyond ordinary – creative, wild and thrilling
  • makes you shed inhibitions in a passionate frenzy
  • makes your heart race and leaves you breathless
  • is beyond description – totally satisfying ecstasy

Why settle for just routine sex play in your bedroom?

"Play a sex game tonight – Give it try – You literally
have nothing to lose except your inhibitions"

Imagine foreplay so amazing that it keeps you hovering on the verge of orgasm … your body tingling with excitement, your toes curling as your body shakes and trembles in anticipation. As a couple in love, there is no better way to spend your precious time together. Please don’t let this opportunity slip by – get frisky and enjoy more creative foreplay and sex play today.

Here are some things we developed for our own intimate play that we will be making available for download either free or as bonus items with our main sex games.

Dirty Play Money

A special sheet of Dirty Money has been designed to make your adult games more colourful and interesting. It does take a bit of effort to print and cut out all the money but it is definitely worth it – print as much as you like. Have you ever said to your spouse “I bet you $100 that …”? Well now you can pay up or get paid with Dirty Money — save it up for a very specially priced treat. That is just one of the more obvious uses. You are sure to find even more creative uses for this erotic currency.

Frisky Business Cards

Each Frisky Business card contains a juicy sex tip or erotic idea. You get a file with 140 unique card designs – print on elegant business card sheets for a touch of class. When you want your lover to get Down to Business, give them your favourite card for erotic inspiration. Slip one into your lover’s wallet when you plan to get frisky later – let them know you mean business. Leave a few cards around the house or include one with a sexy gift. You may be rewarded with a special surprise when they are found.

Frisky Sex CheXXX

Receive 60 erotic sex coupon ideas and 4 colourful check/coupon designs. Use them as rewards or forfeits for winning any of the erotic games you play. Creatively use them as love coupons, special rewards or as intimate invitations. Slip one into your lover’s wallet when you want to get frisky later. Collect a few into a booklet just like regular checks and include it with a special romantic or erotic gift.

Erotic Variations of Classic Games

Have you ever seen Erotic Risk or Erotic Monopoly variations with very basic rules and activities that only involve stripping or kissing? We were never satisfied with these types of games either. So we designed an entire collection based on our favourites for you to play too. They include rule variations that suit the nature of the game while spicing it up with an appropriate sexual theme. They are much more than just stripping games. Detailed foreplay activities are included with scoring templates so they are ready to play when you are. Erotic game variations are included for chess, checkers, darts, billiards and various other commercial games that many people have in their closets. The sexy twists will add new life to your games so you can enjoy them again as an adult.

Erotic Card Game Variations

If you enjoy card games, you will absolutely love these spicy variations. Much more than regular Strip Poker, these card games have a sexual theme with a variety of more intense foreplay activities. Luck and skill is required to get what you want. Based on favourites such as Crazy Eights, Slap Jack, War and even Poker, you can play these adult variations almost anywhere. They are great for your vacation get away – just pack a deck of cards and a few activity sheets and you are set for some amazing nights of frisky fun together.

Scoring Activity Sheets

A set of scoring/activity sheet templates are included so you can customize the various games to suit your own desires and preferences. Have fun crafting your own delicious foreplay forfeits and sex rewards together. Keep the games fresh with new types of activities each time you play. Or come up with sets of progressively more intense activities and play multiple rounds to keep the games going all night long. Encourage each other to be a little naughty or outrageously wicked. You can even fill out the scoring sheet a head of time and include a few kinky surprises. Create new ways to Score!

"Get Frisky and Play Naughty Tonight …"

Instead of going out to the movies or even the video store, stay home and create your own intimate entertainment. Add a little frisky fun to your lovemaking tonight and ensure you get more erotic play time with the one you love. Click on one of the links below – take advantage of the amazing bonuses and add even more creative excitement, variety and fun into your sex life. Treat yourself and indulge in a decadent pleasure that’s really good for you.

Created For Your Fun & Pleasure With Love

Barbara Kortekaas

P.S. Our Frisky Games for Couples are available only online. They are not sold in stores – you don’t need to visit a sex shop – no one will know your naughty secret. You can download the games directly to your computer and start playing right away … they are great for summer vacations at the cottage too.

… Remember, there’s absolutely no risk.

Don’t miss out – Start enjoying More & Better Sex – Get Your Copy Today & Play Tonight. See if the advice ‘play together – stay together’ works for you. You may blush and giggle as you explore pleasure games outside your comfort zone. But, the thrill of pushing past your inhibitions will give you the confidence to experience even greater pleasures to come.

P.P.S if these games seem just a little too risque for you, check out the games and relationship tips that Michael Webb offers in his Relationship Collection.

Amazing Sex is Essential – Make Your Sex Life a Priority!

Spice Up Your Relationship With Frisky Games for Couples

We hope you enjoy the couples games you find here. Have as much fun as you can in and out of the bedroom. As you gain more experience playing together and trying ideas, you’ll find ways to create your own sex games. Please share your bedroom game ideas for other couples to enjoy too. Participate in the blog by posting a comment, testimonial or game review. We look forward to hearing from you.

Note: We are currently in the process of updating this site with a new look and more content. We appreciate your patience as we complete the improvements. We welcome any suggestions or feedback you have – please use the contact us form or leave a comment on our blog.

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