List of Free Dirty Games for Couples to Play Naughty Together

Free Dirty Games
Spice Up Your Relationship With Dirty Games
Play Naughty Games Together And Make Sex Even More Fun!

The following is a list of regular games like pool, darts and dice that we’ve redesigned for couples who like to play dirty. We’ve transformed these regular games with just a few rule changes to make them even better for fun loving intimate couples. These sexy games are free and come with complete, well thought out rules and sample foreplay ideas. For some of our foreplay games, we also provide a PDF template that you can print off and fill in with your own foreplay activities, sexual forfeits or other erotic rewards. In many cases, we also provide an online form that you can edit in your browser and print. The online form is setup to populate with a default set of playful pleasuring possibilities. You can use the randomizer and configuration controls to generate more creative sex ideas. There are over a hundred stimulating ideas with different intensity levels to play with.

Click an image in the list below to see the rules for any of the couple games you want to play. We’ve moved the rules to this site but the foreplay activity templates are still on our Sexy Suggestions website. Links for the foreplay idea templates are included with the game descriptions. We’re designing new games to add to this list soon.

More Naughty Foreplay Games & Strip Games

Strip DartsDirty Strip Darts – Turn Tic Tac Toe Into A Sexy Darts Game For Two is a fun sexy game that mixes in foreplay ideas and stripping to determine a set of sex play activities to perform. Win the game by getting three X’s or O’s in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonally) as in normal Tic Tac Toe. You place your marks on a Sex Play box only after you hit and perform the activity of a corresponding location in your Foreplay box. The first player to get a row on the SexPlay box wins and then controls the type of sex activities to be performed with their loving opponent. Dirty Strip Darts is a perfect game to play while at the cottage. And if you don’t have your own dart set, you can play a modified version in a bar – just keep your sex play for when you get somewhere more private. You can even modify this game to play with bean bags, velcro darts or even ping pong balls and specially arranged beer cups.

Strip Pool Sex GamesErotic Eight Ball – Dirty Pool Foreplay Games for Couples is an erotic adaptation of Eight-Ball or Spots & Stripes pool for couples who want to spice up their couples games with foreplay and other sexy activities. It’s a relatively easy game that requires a bit of skill or lots of luck. It includes opportunities to play for what you really want: stripping, sensual foreplay and maybe some nasty, dirty sex if you’re into kinky sex play. Receive foreplay bonuses or penalties depending on how well or dirty you play. There are foreplay penalties when you scratch or foul a shot and sexy rewards for special trick shots.

Screw – Play Sexy Darts Games Foreplay shows you how to play exciting sex games for couples with darts. Transform a couple games of darts into a strip game with lots of foreplay ideas leading up to even better sex. Screw is a fun erotic variation of a classic darts game. It leads you through an increasingly more intense sequence of foreplay activities. The ultimate goal, of course, is to screw each other and have fun doing it. However, the activities performed are determined by the winner of 20 rounds of darts. Scoring points in each round also earns you sensual foreplay performed by your lover. If you’re really good, you may even get to Screw your lover even faster.

Six Nine Ball – Play Sexy Games of Strip Pool Foreplay is an erotic adaptation of Nine Ball for couples who have the balls (and a private pool table). It’s a quick and easy game that requires a bit of skill or lots of luck. This sexy game of pool includes opportunities to play for what you really want: stripping, sensual foreplay and maybe oral sex too. When you perform a combination shot, you receive a special foreplay bonus. There are foreplay penalties when you scratch or foul a shot and sexy rewards for special trick shots. So get your balls out and play some dirty pool together.

Sexy Dice GamesCan Sex Dice Strip Games Play A Roll In Your Naughty Love Games? Here is an exciting strip game that’s based on the “Drop Dead” dice game. Rather than just stripping dice from play, the erotic version gives players the option to strip themselves instead. To make it a good couples game, foreplay activities, forfeits and rewards are mixed in to give it a sexy twist. Although anything is possible throughout this stripping game, the chance of more intense sex play increases as the game progresses to a climax. In the regular game you won if lady luck liked you. In the erotic version there is more strategy involved with an incentive to strip as a way to win. You need to get lucky or get naked!

Dirty games with sexy forfeits and rewards provide an exciting and fun way to playfully introduce new sensual and sexual activities into your lovemaking and spice up your love life. They’re a great way to increase your desire and anticipation for Hot Sex. Why use the same old foreplay techniques when you can easily make sex even more fun? Give your intimate times together the proper time, creativity and energy it deserves. We’ve designed the above foreplay games to help pace various types of pleasuring activities and add creative spice to your bedroom play. Although you know the erotic stakes during the game, not knowing exactly in what sequence or how often you get to enjoy them creates an element of delightful surprise. Even being forced to strip in front of your lover can be a thrilling experience. It adds more intensity and emotional excitement to your game play. The competitive nature of the game combined with just the right amount of strategy helps build sexual tension for a more intense release later. Play a couple games to increase your arousal. Pick an erotic game that you’ll both enjoy and have fun playing with or without sex involved. You can play with just hot talk even in semi-public locations like a sports bar. Our couple games are intended to help you Love & Laugh together more often.

We hope you enjoy playing our dirty games for couples based on regular games. Customize them with your own erotic ideas or use the sex activity randomizer in the online templates. We’ve provided lots of creative sex & foreplay ideas for your adult games. We’re still hard at “work” creating new sexy game variations for your pleasure and ours. We’ll also be adding many more creative foreplay ideas too.

More Free Sexy Games

Also try out some of the commercial games for couples shown on our site. You can order them online hopefully using our affiliate links. We’ve bought a lot of these games to play ourselves and review for you – some are pretty good while others just lame. However, using some of the ideas in the games above, you can spice up even the bad games to make them more suitable to your style of intimate play. Use the board, pieces or cards that come with them to make up your own erotic game. In what ever way you decide to play together, keep your relationship happy and healthy by making your sex life as fun as you can make it.

Play Together and Stay Together

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