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The following is a list of board games that we’ve redesigned for adult play. The regular board games have been transformed with just a few rule enhancements to make them even better foreplay games for couples. These free sex games come with complete, well thought out rules and sample activities. For some of our love games, we also provide a PDF template that you can print off and fill in with your own foreplay ideas and sex play activities. In many cases, we also provide an online form that you can edit in your browser and print. The online form is setup to populate with a default set of foreplay ideas. You can use the randomizer and configuration controls to generate more creative sex ideas. There are over a hundred pleasuring ideas with different intensity levels to play with.

Click an image in the list below to see the rules for any of the couple games you want to play. We’ve moved the rules to this site but the foreplay activity templates are still on our Sexy Suggestions website. Links for the foreplay idea templates are included with the game descriptions.

Sexy Adult Board Games

Sexy Version of Sorry GameSorry Sexy Game – Erotic Love Games Better Than Make Up Sex is an erotic variation of the Sorry! board game. A few erotic twists in the Sorry rules make it a great strip game for couples. It’s an easy game that combines stripping and foreplay ideas to perform when you “bump” your lover. Get all your four pieces safely around the board to your home and in bed. You then win the game and a sex reward of your choice. When you Bump into your lover and send them back to the start, saying Sorry! just isn’t enough so you’ll need to apologize with sensual pleasuring. And, when you get a piece home, your lover strips off an article of clothing in anticipation of even more sexy activities to come. So if you’re in trouble with your lover, apologize with foreplay games and make up Sex!

Strip ChessErotic Chess, Sex Chess or Strip Chess, You’ll Love Chess With Queens Gone Wild shows how to love chess and each other in a new way. You may have seen strip chess rules described as remove an item of clothing every time you lose a piece. This means you’re going to be naked really fast and you might as well just strip down, jump in bed and have sex without the dirty games. Erotic Chess is much better when played as a sexy foreplay game for your mind and body. You want to prolong your adult playtime to build the sexual tension and anticipation to make your lovemaking even better. Just try to finish the game before finishing each other off. Queens Gone Wild is an erotic variation of chess with a special focus on the queen. It incorporates stripping and foreplay activities based on how the queen is played. And, as with many women, in this game she gets to play again and again. She may go and come but she won’t give up until you’re both satisfied. Although the ultimate goal is to mate the king, playing more with the queen makes this sexy game much more interesting. When a queen takes a piece, delightful pleasures come about. When a queen is taken, even more fun takes place. So when your queen goes wild, how will she mate her king? Play a couple games and find out tonight.

Strip CheckersSpice Up Strip Checkers Rules With More Foreplay Ideas And Jump For Joy shows how to make a simple game a lot more fun for couples by mixing in stripping, foreplay and hot sex. Jump For Joy sex checkers is a quick and easy to play. However, this couples version is a little more challenging than jump a man and strip an item of clothing. If you just want to jump in bed and get laid, have a quickie first then come back and enjoy more frisky fun together as you prepare for round two. Play the game well and you’ll be rewarded with sensual foreplay and sexual favours. Your ultimate goal, of course, is to Jump Your Lover repeatedly, strip them naked and ravish them. Whenever you perform a multiple jump or jump a king/queen, you receive a special foreplay bonus. You can adapt these sexy strip checkers rules to almost any style of checkers you like to play.

Erotic Risk GameErotic Risk – An Adult Board Game of Sexy Domination for Couples shows how to turn the game of world domination into a conquest of your lover’s erogenous zones. Play an erotic version of Risk that encourages you to push past your sexual boundaries into virgin territory. In Erotic Risk you pretend you’re having the ultimate battle of the sexes. Uncover sensitive areas, break down inhibiting defences and penetrate into restricted regions. Devise your Best Laid plans to strip away any will to resist your advances. Experiment with creative new techniques in unexpected zones. Play with their mind as you stimulate regions in different ways. See how they react and adjust your strategy. Set up your positions and when you triumph, revel in the spoils of war any way you desire. The ultimate goal is to dominate each other with a burning passion and lust. Foreplay activities are performed when you capture territories from your lover. Take control of their privates and fulfill your secret desires. As the conflict escalates, so does the intensity of the foreplay. Your lover will strip everything to win. As they reveal themselves, you’ll gain intimate knowledge of their intentions. They’ll lay themselves bare before you so take advantage when you can. Win by conquering all the countries of the world.

Erotic MonopolySexopoly Style Adult Monopoly – How to Play Monopoly Rules For Couples gives you an erotic way to play the classic property trading game with just two people. You play the same game you know and love with a few erotic twists and turns added to the regular rules of Monopoly. Rather than renting houses, you build pleasure parlours and sell your special services to each other. Instead of playing as a greedy land baron, you’re trying to build a sex empire. You want to become the ultimate pleasure broker and the only one your partner can turn too for great sex. These sexy new Monopoly rules allow you to buy your pleasure in the form of foreplay activities and other sexual services. There’s lots of Sex & Money involved. As the monetary stakes increase, more explicit or intense foreplay techniques are provided. You win when your partner has no money to pay for sex and must sell themselves to you. Erotic Monopoly is a combined stripping game and foreplay game for two players. However, you can invite another player or couple to join in and spice up the sexy games even more.

Foreplay games with sexy forfeits and rewards provide an exciting and fun way to playfully introduce new sensual and sexual activities into your lovemaking and spice up your love life. They’re a great way to increase your desire and anticipation for Amazing Sex. Sometimes foreplay becomes a routine path to sex without giving it the proper time, creativity and energy it deserves. We’ve designed the above foreplay games to help pace various types of stimulating activities and add creative spice to your bedroom play. And, although you know the erotic possibilities at stake during the game, not knowing exactly in what sequence or how often creates an element of delightful surprise. Even being forced to strip in front of your lover can be a thrilling experience. It can add more intensity and emotional excitement to your game play. The competitive nature of the game combined with just the right amount of strategy helps build sexual tension (for a more intense release later) and increase your arousal. Pick an erotic game that both of you will enjoy and have fun playing with or without sex involved. Our couple games are intended to help you Love & Laugh together more often.

We hope you enjoy playing our free sexy games for couples based on regular board games. Customize them with your own erotic ideas or use the sex activity randomizer in the online templates. We’ve provide a lot of creative sex & foreplay ideas for your bedroom games. We’re still hard at “work” creating new sexy game variations for your pleasure. And, of course many more creative foreplay ideas will be added too.

Also try out some of the commercial adult board games shown on our site. You can order them online hopefully using our affiliate links. We’ve bought a lot of these games to play ourselves and review for you – some are pretty good while others just suck. However, using some of the ideas in the games above, you can spice up even the bad games to make them more suitable to your style of intimate play. Use the board, pieces or cards that come with them to make up your own erotic game. However you decide to play together, keep your relationship happy and healthy by making your sex life as fun as you can make it.

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