More Naughty Adult Board Games for Couples to Play Together

Dirty Adult Board Games

Here’s a collection of sexy board games for couples that’ll add an erotic charge to your life. Add more fun, excitement and sensual pleasure to your adult game play. Some are just for two intimate players and others are erotic party games for one or more couples playing together.

Romantic Journey: An Intimate Evening For Two

Romantic Journey is a relationship game for couples that allows two people to be equally romantic while they play together. The winner gets to have their ideal romantic journey fulfilled by their partner at a later date. In addition to being very elegant and sophisticated (the game is rated G for language) it’s a whole lot of fun! Romantic Journey is the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and for yourself!

Before the game is played, one person sends an invitation to their partner that sets the date, time and mood for playing the game. Then when you sit down to play, each of you writes down on a card what you want to receive from your partner as your ideal romantic journey if you win. You keep this secret from your partner. The game is played in a beautiful 21-room mansion. There is only one movement piece because it wouldn’t be very romantic if you were in the sauna and your partner was in the garage … so you move round the mansion as a couple. When you move into a room, the room corresponds to a deck of cards, and each deck has a different level of intimacy. This way you get to control the speed of the game and the level of intimacy. Although rated “G” for language, the levels of intimacy are whatever you decide. There are three ways you can win the game … but you win by just playing this romantic couples game!

Romantic Journey: An Intimate Evening Just For Two

Behind Closed Doors

Here’s a key to more creative sex. Open the door for more foreplay and sensual pleasure. Make your way around the game board acquiring cards with different sex positions, pleasuring accessories and foreplay activities. The first player to reach the winner circle gets to creatively use all the collected cards in your next sexual episode together.

Be Curious and Open This Closed Door

Dirty Minds

The world’s cleanest dirty game is here to get your party started. Hate it when someone reads something dirty into everything you say? Well then Dirty Minds is the game for you. The dirtier your mind is, the worse you’ll be at playing this game. With over 906 naughty clues and 302 possible clean answers, you’ll wrack your brain trying to come up with a non-dirty answer to some of the clues. Try the following clues; "I get laid in an alley," "I often end up in the middle of your split," "When your fingers slip inside of me, I’m ready to go." If you didn’t answer bowling ball, then you have a dirty mind. If you did, keep playing – there’s still hope. Providing laughter for two or more adults, Dirty Minds offers hours of laughter and fun as seemingly filthy clues point toward the most innocent answers.

Just Try Not to Think Naughty Thoughts

A Hot Affair

This adult board game for couples to spice up a romantic encounter. Dim the lights, switch off the phone and get ready to play the hottest game ever!

A Hot Affair will have you loving, laughing and lusting after each other with just a few throws of the dice. Along the way you’ll experience new, exciting, and occasionally hilarious challenges with stimulating, sexy and wild conversations. The game climaxes with the winner choosing to make real one of fifty breathtaking fantasies! The perfect start to A Hot Affair with over 400 novel and fun ideas at three levels of play.

A Hot Affair or Hot Monogamy – Sexy Fun Either Way

I’ve Never Game

Find out what your friends are REALLY up to behind closed doors with this hilarious and revealing game. Set up in a "Truth or Dare" style, players must either confess their dirty deeds to move ahead, drink if they haven’t indulged, or fib and hope they don’t get caught, which means a drinking penalty.

With both game spaces and cards holding drinking penalties, this is a great pass time for a wild bunch, or the ideal way to put a little life (and liquor) into the party. Cards include such questions as "I’ve never left the house without underwear", and "I’ve never gotten high at a concert", as well as several make-your-own-question cards to keep things interesting. Comes with pieces for up to eight people playing simultaneously.

Can You Handle the Truth – or at least your liquor?

Stairway to Pleasure Game

Diversify your love life and add a nuance of play to your bedroom fun with the Stairway to Pleasure foreplay game for couples. Climb this stairway and enjoy the feeling of love. This adult board game is designed to make your foreplay a lot more interesting and exciting. Walk you way through the series of sexy instructions and get to the top of sexual pleasure. This game is perfect for lovers with a daring desire to experiment with a touch of sexual spice. A change in your love life is guaranteed.

Experience Heavenly Pleasure Together

Sex Around the House

This adult board game for couples encourages you to explore sex outside of the bedroom and around your house. Turn your home into the ultimate sexual playground. With Sex around the House you’ll discover new and inventive ways to heat up the passion under your roof – no fireplace required. Add fun and excitement by incorporating the "where" and "how" into your sexual repertoire. You’ll never look at a room the same way! Just follow the footsteps into each and every room to reveal the sexual surprise that awaits. Spice up your sex life without leaving your home.

Become a Sexual Explorer in Your Own Home

For more deliciously sexy home made ideas, download Sex All Around the House and get started with some sexy fun right away.

101 Nights of Grrreat Sex

101 Nights of Grrreat Sex will keep you busy in bed and sometimes out of it. Roll the dice and move your gamepiece around the board, where will it land? Maybe on trivia, where you’ll ask your partner one of 400 naughty questions. Or maybe you’ll have to give a 60 second teasing massage, or even lose an article of clothing. In this dynamic game, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the many delightfully sexy and intelligently written surprises in store for you. The 101 sealed seduction cards (half for her, half for him) can even be used independently of the game, if you’d rather set aside the dice and get straight to the action. Sealed cards are also marked with icons indicating if they are bedroom-oriented, require travel or preparation, or need nice weather to occur – this way you’ll be more prepared when you open a card.

Start with 101 – Twice a Week Every Week for A Full Year

Pleasure Island

Move your game tokens through a tropical Island full of romance and passion. Each square holds its own erotic adventure. As your tokens land on the squares, you and your lover must perform the activities listed. If a player lands on either a Pleasure Chest or Prisoner of Love square, he or she must draw a card from the corresponding card pile and perform the activity listed. Discover new and exotic sensual delights in your very own fantasy playground.

Map Out & Explore New Erogenous Zones


Lust! is a game for lovers that allows you to explore both romantic and physical intimacy with your partner. This foreplay game leads you on an erotic journey to your bedroom for the climax. As you land on various footstep game spaces you select cards that have you both acting out or sharing various romantic and sexual treats.

While venturing along the path you also earn Love-Making Cards. The Love-Making Cards explicitly illustrate either a foreplay activity or a sexual position. Use these cards to creatively design a sexual fantasy. The first person to reach the bed at the end of the path takes the collected Love-Making Cards and initiates the love-making techniques and positions depicted on the cards. Each game ends with a unique love-making experience because there are over 30,000 possible combinations.

Unleash Your Lust for Each Other– Can you make it to your bedroom without ripping each other’s clothes off first?

Road Head

For couples looking to add a little more joy to the bedroom, RoadHead is the most flexible adult game ever conceived. Filled with humor, strategy, and new positions you’re guaranteed to never have tried before, Roadhead is the newest way to spice up your love life. Game play is fun and easy: Race across America to collect money and build your own personal erotic fantasy from some of the most titillating and steamiest written positions that you can act out with your partner when you win! It’s all up to you! With this game each player can be in control of what they want; a short game, a long game, erotic challenges and activities. You can play over and over again to experience a fun fulled, highly charged, wild joy ride each and every time you play! Join the adult game revolution and experience your wildest desires, by ordering RoadHead today!

Prepare to enjoy an erotic journey of sexual discovery. Try something new! Spice things up and learn new things about your partner. Your wild joyride will be everything that you and your partner could imagine and more!

Discover, Reveal & Explore On An Erotic Adventure for Two

Loving Game

A new gift from Penthouse, Loving Game is an exciting way for new lovers to diversify their intimacy. Learn to do and say things you never tried before. This romantic game looks like many other classic board games except that each position has a sexy activity you have to perform. Give your intimacy a breath of freshness. The Loving Game is suited to new couples looking to explore their intimate experiences while strengthening their romantic bond with each other.

An Excellent Wedding or Bridal Shower Gift!

Romantic couples looking to expand their intimate connection should also check out the Relationship Enhancement Collection. You can download these relationship resources today and get started discovering how to improve your love life right away.

Frisky Business Game

Many people fantasize about or even role play sex for money scenarios involving strippers, hookers, escorts and even porn stars. Here is an exciting adult game where you can fulfill the fantasy and be a player in the Sex Industry! Frisky Business is an erotic game for couples to play privately or with a few intimate friends. It’s a downloadable enhancement package you can use to transform your classic property trading game into a fun sex game for two (or more). In this sexopoly style game, night clubs, cyber sex sites, massage parlors, escort agencies, porn studios and brothels are under your control. Attempt to strip other players of their money (and clothing) in your lust to control the entire sex industry. Experience the joy and exhilaration as other players shed their assets and expose their tender bits to be manipulated for your pleasure.

To see if Frisky Business is the sex game for you, check out the full rules and some sample cards.

Adam & Eve Sex Toys for Couples

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