Naughty Card Games for Couples

Erotic Card Games for Lovers

Is amazing sex in the cards for you tonight? It is well known that extended foreplay leads to more intense orgasms. But, you may be spending less quality time sensually playing together because foreplay seems mundane, boring, or routine. For many couples, this intimate time together is way too short and just not fun anymore. Here is your chance to get lucky and spice up your sex life with exciting pleasure games for couples.

With a little creativity, you can turn a standard pack of cards into a personal deck of desire. Many of your favorite card games can be transformed into erotic thrillers by assigning intimate activities to the cards. You can assign sexy ideas to each suit, each rank (face value), color combinations or to individual cards. Or, face cards could be assigned erotic activities while numbered cards have none. Playing cards can be assigned sensual delights in many different ways to suit the type of games you have in mind.

For shy or slightly inhibited lovers, enjoying a regular card game together can help you both get into a playful mood. Prepare an inviting play area and atmosphere that suits the foreplay games you have in mind (a glowing fire, candles, wine, soft music, tasty treats, pillows, etc.). Then slyly introduce foreplay rewards and forfeits into the game. Include periodic clothing removal that fits the nature of your game. Being forced to strip adds to the excitement but rushing to get naked should not be your goal. Your goal is to build sexual desire and stimulate passionate excitement. Increase the intensity by escalating to more explicit types of sensual intimacy as the foreplay games progress.

For many card games, each hand is fairly quick so you could create multiple activity lists that progressively increase the levels of intimacy. Consider all your erogenous zones and the interesting techniques you can use to tease and tantalize each other. With all the pleasure possibilities available (ranging from romantic affection to sensual foreplay to advanced Kama Sutra positions to kinky fetishes), erotic card games allow you to mix up the variety, sequence and type of your sexual fun in a semi-random way. You can even introduce new ideas as special rewards/forfeits and venture outside your current sexual comfort zones together. By agreeing to play the game and adhere to the rules, even timid lovers will be encouraged to push their boundaries and overcome their sexual inhibitions (to some extent). Even if you stick to less adventurous sensual activities, randomizing your normal routine will create more interest and excitement.

Let’s explore some naughty card games and discover how to transform a few classic games into opportunities for sensual and sexual pleasure.

Strip Poker

Almost everyone has heard of Strip Poker. But do you really know the rules? And is it a game you would play as a couple alone together. The simplistic rules go something like this:

After every round the loser has to take off something they are wearing.
Increase the stakes by making chips worth sexual favors when cashed in.
Betting can include truth, dares and double dares intermixed with stripping.

Sure, when playing with a group of people, you can deal out quite a few hands before some or all the players are naked. Throw in some drinking and it can be exciting. But there is no game to it – just deal hand, flip cards over and see who wins or loses. It would be easier to just play spin-the-bottle. Betting with truth, dare and double dare activities can improve the game play but then you need to consider other rule complications. For couples, the types of risqué truth and dare options can become a problem and may even make the game less than fun.

Poker tends to be more fun when you involve betting – and playing with real poker chips adds to the flavor of the game. So how do you add betting to a game of intimate or strip poker? Here are a few ideas:

  • Create an erotic foreplay menu with various activities each with a corresponding price. More explicit foreplay activities cost more of course. If a pot reaches a certain value, the winner also receives an activity in the price range. You can also design a sex menu – win enough chips and buy the sexual delight of your choice (either after the game or even during it).
  • Design a price tag for each item of clothing that you are wearing. During the game, if you need more chips, cash in your clothing for more. You can also include a foreplay menu – perform an activity and earn more chips.
  • Use a priced foreplay menu and allow select items to be bid with a marker or place holder. Allow only one marker per hand and, if you lose the hand, you perform the activity for the winner. If you win, you just get the cash. Allow select timed activity values to be doubled or tripled to represent more money. Optionally only allow the person with the lowest chip value to bid with foreplay markers.

For more detailed rule ideas see our post with New Strip Poker Rules for Couples. There is also a commercial game on the market called Poker for Lovers. It attempts to use male and female foreplay chips for betting. On each of the pink and blue poker chips provided, an erotic activity is printed. As you lose your chips with less intense foreplay ideas, you will be forced to bet chips involving more explicit sexual activities.

Pick a Naughty Card

You may have heard about this referred to as an Erotic Game of Love Cards. Assign each card to a foreplay or sex play activity, shuffle the deck and alternately pick a card either randomly or flip one at a time. It is not really a game but, as a way to mix up your sex routine, it can still be fun. As described above, you can create an erotic card menu in various ways using 13, 26 or 52 different activities. Include some Jokers as place holders for "kinky surprise" to build anticipation for wild fun.

Commercial games with similar styles of play include:

  • Foreplaying Cards – regular playing cards with mild and hot activities listed. References strip poker and black jack as games to play. (not highly recommended)
  • SEX! The Game – pictures of different sex positions with some game play options. (simplistic but has potential)

Other sex card packages (pictures and information) that are intended for random select and do games include:

Sexy Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights is a quick and easy card game that can be played with two or more players. The object of the game is to get rid of all the cards in your hand. Multiple games are usually played scoring points based on the number and type of cards other players have remaining in their hands when you go out. Here are some possible ways to transform it into a sexy adult game for two:

  • Play best 5 out of nine games with or without points. The loser of each game removes one article of clothing.
  • Create a foreplay menu assigning each card to an intimate or sexual reward. The card used to go out corresponds to an erotic treat for the winner.
  • Design an arousing list of pleasuring options assigned to different scoring levels. When you reach a certain score, you receive the randy reward.
  • Whenever you play a matching card to change the suit, receive a foreplay reward assigned to that card. This will usually ensure more pleasuring activities occur throughout the game and allows for some strategic game play.
Love & War

War is a simple yet popular card game for two that involves trying to capture cards from each other. When the cards you each flip up are the same value, a war ensues with a side game to determine the winner of a new set of cards. If you tie again, you have a double or triple war – fairly rare events. To transform this into an erotic variation, consider that there are 13 possible ways to tie each other. You can design a foreplay menu for each card. The winner of each mini-war gets the pleasure reward assigned to the matching card. And if you win a double or triple war, your lover removes an article of clothing. Or, include Jokers with a zero value – win a Joker and you must remove an article of clothing.

The player who wins all the cards or has the most after a specified time limit wins their favorite sex play activity or fantasy. You can even create a sex menu with winning events assigned to the last winning card. Note that lower cards have a rarer chance of winning so assign more exotic sex activities to these cards.

Erotic Memories

Use a card based foreplay menu to create an erotic adaptation of the Memory card game. Attempt to find matches by turning over only two cards at a time from a deck laid out randomly face down. Activities performed are determined by matching pairs of different colors. If a match is the same color keep the set but no activity is performed – you don’t necessarily want to do everything on your pleasure menu. The player with the highest number of matches wins a special sex play activity or fantasy. Incorporate stripping activities by using Jokers (strip cards) or play multiple games with the loser of each round removing one article of clothing. If you find a single Joker, reshuffle all the remaining cards so no one knows where they are – remove them when you have fewer than 10 cards left.

The last two cards will be a match so no one should win this set – also ensures there will not be a tie. Optionally, use the value of this last card set to choose a winning sex activity from a card based sex menu.

Naughty Slap Jack

Use a card based foreplay menu to create an erotic adaptation of Slap Jack. In this fast and easy card game, the cards represent naughty foreplay activities that Jack may be engaged in. Be the first to catch him in the act and you get rewarded with pleasure and a set of cards. The card beneath the Jack indicates the intimate activity you receive. If there is no card below, your lover strips one piece of clothing. Although fun, there are penalties if you get carried away with your smacking. Slap the wrong card and get an erotic spanking of your own. First player to win all the cards receives a special sex play bonus corresponding to card under the final slapped jack.

Erotically spiced card games provide an easy, exciting and fun way to mix up your sex play. Use your deck of desire to randomize a variety of foreplay activities. And, even though you know the erotic possibilities at stake, not knowing exactly in what sequence or how often creates an element of delightful surprise. The competitive nature of the game combined with just the right amount of strategy helps build sexual tension and enhance your passion for each other. So, shuffle up foreplay and enjoy Amazing Sex!

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