Naughty Nurse and Sex Doctor Role Playing Games for Couples

Sweet and Sexy Naughty Nurse

Here is a video I just uploaded with an Erotic Engineer character describing sexual role playing ideas involving a love doctor or naughty nurse. The script for the video is provided below as well. This was made with the Crazy Talk program. I hope you enjoy it.

I have good news and bad news. First the bad news, I’m not really a love doctor, I just play one in videos. The good news is I’m really an erotic engineer. My job is to help you creatively craft climaxes. Here’s an idea to keep your sex life fresh and healthy, role-play as your own Love Doctor or Naughty Nurse. Either of you can play the doctor or nurse when performing your professional role.

Dress in an official looking outfit or get a sexy costume for the job. You can even snap on a pair of latex gloves for effect. You can start off by asking your patient some intimate questions as you feel around their body. Ask them to undress then run a complete set of sensitivity and sexual performance tests. After your probing exam, you’ll be able to give your expert diagnosis:

More Sex Required!

You can then write your patient a sex note detailing exactly what you want them to do. Of course you’ll want a few follow up visits and, with your bed side manner, they’re sure to come often.

You can hand write your sex notes or you can use one of the sex prescription forms I’ve designed as a free PDF download. After you print off a few copies, all you need to do is check off the special treatment options you desire. Just visit, and download your copy of the sex prescription form. Then, when your partner needs a good dose of sex, fill out your prescription for improving their love life and yours.

I hope you enjoy role playing as your own private Love Doctor.

When you download your copy of the sex prescription form, you can use it to inspire your own love doctor sex notes. Use them like sex coupons and see if you can have even better sex together tonight.

Click Naughty Nurse Costume to get your own sexy nurse costume. There are even more sexy accessories you can add to make your role play fantasy even more realistic.

For more spicy ways to play naughty together, get our 123 Frisky Sexual Fantasies and Erotic Role Play Ideas book and turn your lovemaking into an erotic adventure as you sample all sorts of sexy scenarios. Give each other a great reason to get out your sex toys, put on some sexy costumes and play more together in and out of the bedroom. These sexy role playing games are excellent when you go on a couples sex vacation.

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