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When it Comes to Sex is it Better to Screw or Get Screwed?

In this article you’ll discover how to play exciting sex games for couples with darts. Transform a couple games of darts into a strip game with lots of foreplay ideas leading up to amazing sex. We’ve designed an erotic variation of a classic darts game for couples that we call Screw. It’s a fun and easy dart game that leads you through an increasingly more intense sequence of foreplay activities. The ultimate goal, of course, is to screw each other and have fun doing it. However, the activities performed are determined by the winner of 20 rounds of darts. Scoring points in each round also earns you sensual foreplay performed by your lover.

Sexy Game Play
Choose who begins. Each player takes a turn throwing 3 darts. Only the wedge corresponding to the number of the round counts toward a score (e.g. only 3’s count in the third round, etc.). The double and triple rings count as 2 times and 3 times the number scored respectively. If you score any point, immediately receive your foreplay bonus.

A second way to win is to Screw your opponent. This is done by hitting one dart in the single wedge, one dart in the double ring, and one dart in the triple ring in any order. But it must be for the number currently being played. If you succeed, you immediately win and get to screw your loving opponent your way – define what this activity is prior to starting the game.

PDF & Online Scoring Sheets
Scoring sheet templates with corresponding foreplay/sexplay activities are provided:
You can edit the activities in the online form then print it out or use the PDF forms.

Point totals are calculated as in regular darts (number of the wedge times a multiplier if you hit within a ring). If you score a point in a round, your opponent performs the corresponding foreplay activity. After 20 rounds, the totals are calculated and the winner determines what to do next.

Sexy Variations
Here is a list of variations you can apply to enhance this sexy couples game:
  • Score only 1, 2, or 3 rather than number of the wedge
  • Set the time of your foreplay activities using a score multiplier (1,2,3) times 30 seconds
  • Play a few quick couple games by only doing odd or even numbers
  • Make it a Strip Darts game – hit the inner bullseye and your lover removes one article of clothing
  • Make it a drinking game – hit the outer bullseye and your lover takes a drink
  • Change it so that you must perform a foreplay activity if you don’t score
  • Switch it up and perform the other player’s activity when you score
  • Invite friends over and play mixed doubles
We hope you enjoy designing, customizing and playing your very own strip darts games for couples. Get more ideas for your love games in our Sex Games and Foreplay Ideas for Couples book available on Amazon. It includes hundreds of pleasuring activities of different intensity levels mapped to both dice and cards for use in your intimate games.

Play Dirty Games Together and … Enjoy Better Sex!

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