Sexual Fantasy Role Play Ideas and Dress Up Games for Couples


Maybe you’ve watched a movie or read a book and wondered what it would be like to experience the event or situation. When you let your imagination wander it has a tendency to include sex in the mix. All our various experiences, real and imagined, create emotional links in our mind and sexual thoughts seem to make them even stronger. You may even have formed fantasies that add excitement and variety to your sex life especially while masturbating. They can help you orgasm faster and with greater intensity.

Most people fantasize even if it’s just thinking about new things to do with your current partner or reminiscing about past sexual experiences. Maybe you were daydreaming as a horny teenager during an English or history lesson and now have fantasies about ancient Roman gladiators or a prim and proper Victorian lady. How ever they formed and as bizarre as they may seem, your fantasies are part of your sexual make up. You’ll want to keep some fantasies private but there may be others you could act out. You can even create exciting new fantasies with your partner based on experiences you have together.

We all want an exciting sex life and role play adventures can be a great way to spice up your bedroom games. Role playing games let you to explore your secret fantasies as a couple. By pretending to be different characters, you allow yourself to do things you might not let yourself do otherwise – it’s all part of the act. You can relive special moments or create new ones in different locations. You can keep these games simple using only your imagination to get into character or go a little more extravagant with costumes and props. Even if you break out laughing or feel embarrassed, you’ll share memories that will bring you closer together.

Here are some articles that may help inspire you to experiment with new role play ideas in your bedroom games:

Vampire Seduction Role Play Games

Dracula and all the creepy vampire variations have haunted and fascinated our imaginations for years. Their hypnotic power to seduce others with elegant charm and sophistication inspires our own desire for control and submission. Discover how you can explore your secret fantasies and forbidden dreams – to experience that dark force that makes us do wild and wicked things to satisfy our urges. We fear and covet our dark side especially in our fantasies. But in our minds, we have the power to pursue what we truly want even if it is a little naughty, mischievous or down right nasty. Add a bit of bite to your bedroom games – role play a sexy vampire and willing victim tonight. Experience the erotic thrill of being predator or prey.

Virgin Role Play Games

Virginity is a popular theme in many fantasies for both men and women. The mystique associated with taking someone’s virginity can be very intense and emotional. The thought of being your partner’s first lover can be exciting and nerve racking at the same time. You can recapture the thrill of first time sex and even rewrite your sexual history if you desire. One or both of you can role play as a virgin in many different ways to spice up your bedroom games. Your role play fantasies can range from teenager experimentation and honeymoon love to a virgin slave auction or more intense and elaborate sacrificial virgin ceremonies.

Arabian Nights Fantasy Role Play Ideas

The Arabian Nights stories have fuelled many exotic fantasies involving treasure, power, temptation and seduction all wrapped in a veil of erotic mystery and intrigue. It’s easy to imagine palace life as a rich and powerful sultan, a rebellious princess, an obedient harem girl or even a submissive royal slave. Spice up your fantasy with unique customs, fanciful garments, sultry music and intoxicating sensations of smell, taste and sight. Mix in some magic genies and you have all the ingredients for a wild adventure in a far off land. There are many types of adult dress up games you can explore in this enchanted dream world.

Old Western Role Play Games

Maybe you played cowboys and Indians as a kid or you’re fascinated by wild western movies with sexy movie stars. There may be something about the wilderness setting, the rugged characters, the clothing, the hot blooded conflict or the frontier attitudes that turns you on. Either way, cowboy, cowgirl, saloon girl and native Indian costumes can be used in a broad range of erotic dress up games for couples. You can include sexy role play variations involving bondage, forced sex and even sex outside in different locations. Gunslingers, bandits, sheriffs and lonely ladies on the prairie can also play a part in your sexy scenarios.

Sexy Witch Role Play Games

Learn to cast your love spells by roleplaying as a sexy witch or warlock. There are good and bad witches so you can include a range of erotic ideas to suit any taste. And there are some amazing witch costumes to help get you into character. Being a naughty little Wicked Witch can be very erotic. When you get into character you may find yourself doing things your secretly desired but were afraid to try like BDSM. Dress up as a sexy witch and see what kind of erotic magic you can bring to your bedroom games.

Your role play games can be as wild and exotic as you want without worry about historical accuracy or political sensitivity – they are your fantasies to explore as a couple. And of course feel free to swap the conventional male and female roles in any of your fantasy role play games. The imaginary world you create for your bedroom games is under your total creative control.

To stimulate your imagination even more, check out our book: 123 Frisky Sexual Fantasies & Erotic Roleplay Ideas: Dare to Play Naughty Sexy Scenarios for Couples

Halloween may come and go but why let that stop you from dressing up to add more excitement to your bedroom games. Keep you sex play wild, fresh and fun by trying out different characters, exotic themes and kinky activities. Give each other "permission" to get out of your comfort zone and let your playful nature loose. Your sexual adventures together are limited only by your imagination but it can be fuelled with new ideas from all around you. You’ll start watching movies and reading books together with a totally new perspective.

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