Sexy Adult Board Games for Couples

Adult Board Games

Sexy adult board games are great ways to add new types of fun and foreplay to your love making. When you are both in a playful mood but just not ready to jump into bed yet, dim the lights, turn off the television and pick out an intimate foreplay game to play. Light some candles, put on some background music and pour a drink for each other. Then get comfortable so you can enjoy each other.

Adult board games are very easy to play – just roll some dice, move your token and perform a sexy challenge. That’s where the frisky fun comes in. The erotic instructions on the board and on various activity cards encourage you to explore each other in all kinds of ways. You’ll get each other hot with intimate questions, stripping, erotic dares and creative foreplay techniques. Build anticipation and excitement since you’ll never know what’s coming next – it’s different every time you play.

Here is a collection of adult board games from Adam & Eve that you can order online. Browse through all their available sex and foreplay games to find one or more that suit your desires. Take some time together to browse all the products – there’s something here for everyone. Even if you’ve never played sex games before, you’re sure to find something interesting to enhance your bedroom fun.

Sex! The Board Game

The bestselling Sex! adult card game has been revamped, adapted, and expanded into an adult board game that’ll take you on an erotic adventure! If you’re a fan of sexy board games for couples, you’ll love the erotic charge you get out of each round you play.

Seduce your sweetie with this hot and steamy adult board game! Roll the dice and engage your lover in foreplay as you move around the board. Answer naughty sex trivia questions to collect sexual position cards. When you have 6 cards, carry out the fantasy! There are over 1,000,000 possible ways to win this hot adult board game! Even if you’re in a long term relationship, you’re sure to find new ideas to help spice up your sex life. Turn Your Lover On With Endless Nights of Sex!

Oral Sex!-The Game

That’s right – you’re more likely to give or RECEIVE oral sex when you play this game! Tease and tantalize each other as you and your partner move lube-filled game pieces around the board. The first one to reach THE TONGUE gets ORAL SEX! So easy and fun, you’ll wonder why you haven’t played this game before!

You know what the ultimate prize is but what else are you going to be doing to get it? Enjoy the foreplay surprises as you move around the board striving for your climax. A Tasty Sex Game Every Couple Should Play!

Fantasy Affairs Erotic Board Game

Play with your lover like never before! This hot adult board game leads you both effortlessly into the realm of erotic fantasy and role play. Explore classic sex scenarios like the naughty housewife seducing the handyman. Or go right for the racier stuff and become a strip club patron eager for a private dance! This hot sex game is fun and romantic for two very intimate players.

If you love sexy couples games for two, then the Fantasy Affairs adult board game is perfect for a night of spicy adult play. Just roll the die to move around the heart-shaped board and perform intimate activities. You’ll explore creative kisses and act out fantasy affairs – it’s the adult board game where everybody wins!

Both players start with each selecting a Fantasy Affairs game card. Then you take turns rolling the die and moving your markers around the game board. On your journey into erotic fantasyland with this adult board game, you’ll be prompted to toast your lover, to seduce them with creative kisses, to complete the naughty instructions on Love cards, and collect new sexy Fantasy Affairs. Get The Hot Fantasy Sex You Desire!

Let’s F*ck! Board Game

The Let’s F*ck Sex Game is simple to play and fun to do! Pick a token, spin the spinner and off you go. Land on the activity depicted, then get busy. As you get closer to the final Let’s F*ck square, the game is over and the real fun begins!

Since it’s designed for 2, 3 or 4 players, the Let’s F*ck Sex Game makes a great ice breaker for the sexually adventurous! There’s passionate kissing, massaging, talking dirty, spanking, stripping and licking. A Dirty Sex Game That Gets You Stripping and Fucking Fast!

Our Frisky Business Game

Many people fantasize about or even role play sex for money scenarios involving strippers, hookers, escorts and even porn stars. Here is an exciting adult game where you can fulfill the fantasy and be a player in the Sex Industry! Frisky Business is an erotic game for couples to play privately or with a few intimate friends. It’s a downloadable enhancement package you can use to transform your classic property trading game into a fun sex game for two (or more). In this sexopoly style game, night clubs, cyber sex sites, massage parlors, escort agencies, porn studios and brothels are under your control. Attempt to strip other players of their money (and clothing) in your lust to control the entire sex industry. Experience the joy and exhilaration as other players shed their assets and expose their tender bits to be manipulated for your pleasure. To see if Frisky Business is the sex game for you, check out the full rules and some sample cards.

Note that we may update a few of the links to point to other providers when we discovered they’re no longer being carried by Adam & Eve. To see the complete list of sexy games for couples they do currently carry, click on the link below:

Adam & Eve Sex Toys for Couples

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