Sexy Card Games for Couples to Spice Up Your Love Life

Sexy Card Games for Lovers

Check out this collection of sexy card games from Adam & Eve. Look through all their available sex play accessories and games for couples – you can order them online. You’re sure to discover one or more that will get you both hot with desire. There are also lots of great reviews to help make your selection right for you. Take some time together with your partner to browse all the products – there’s something here for everyone. Even if you’ve never played foreplay or sex games before, you’re sure to find an interesting product to enhance your bedroom fun and pleasure.

Pillow Talk Card Game

Play Pillow Talk and improve how you communicate and connect with your partner in and out of bed.

You get a deck of 52 playing cards plus a Pillow Talk Reward deck. The idea of Pillow Talk is to encourage partners to fully open up about their needs, wants and desires – all in a fun, non-threatening and non-critical way. Give yourselves a new chance to experiment, figure out what you both want and replace those same-old, same-old bedroom routines with rekindled lovemaking. Get this intimate card game for couples, send your calls to voice mail and don’t answer the doorbell. If you have kids, figure out a way to get rid of them for a few hours and then give yourselves permission to let your hair down a little with some intimate Pillow Talk.

The Pillow Talk Card Game is great for loving couples who want to kicks things up a notch. If your love life is stuck in a routine, this fun game can unstick you in no time.

Pillow Talk Card Game Create the Perfect Evening for an Intimate Connection

Sex! The Card Game

Deal out cards from this naughty deck and rake in a sheet-scorching night of sexual adventure! Each card illustrates an exciting sex position. Play a game and you’ll come out with a fully-developed five-position fantasy for you both to reenact together. It includes 50 sexual position cards plus three game guide cards that’ll teach you to play Ultimate Fantasy, Lover’s Libido, and Fortune Teller!

The Sex! Card Game deck is organized into five different colours according to erotic intensity: red (foreplay), orange, yellow, white, and light blue (scorching hot!). Play one of the included games – the winner gets the fantasy they’ve created! This game is great for anyone wanting to add some variety to their positions, or to become a little more effortlessly adventurous in bed. It’s also a great way to get your partner to open up about their preferences and fantasies!

Sex is Great – Make it Even More Fun!

Fetish Seductions Game

When you’re ready to start getting seriously kinky, then you need to add Fetish Seductions to your couples games collection. Whether you’re a naughty newcomer or an expert kinkster, you’ll love following the kinky suggestions in this adult game. It includes roleplay, bondage, spanking, and so many more kinky ideas! This game is the perfect introductory tool for fans of erotic novels like 50 Shades Of Grey who want to introduce power games and erotic roleplay into their bedrooms.

Roll the dice, read the card, and get ready to enact your kinkiest fantasies! Fetish Seductions is the fun, easy new way to explore roleplay, bondage, power games, and more with your lover. Get all tied up and give your partner an oral tease. Or maybe you’ll put on the included padded blindfold and shiver as you’re teased with the feather tickler? From spanking to voyeurism, roleplay to bondage, hot wax play to foot fetish fun, this hot adult card game is an easy way to unleash your kinky desires! It’s perfect for two adventurous adults looking for some spicy erotic fun.

Make Kinky Sex a Sure Bet!

Entice! Couples Game

You’ll be surprised at what you find out! The Entice! erotic card & board game gets you talking about sex, erotic techniques and secret desires with every roll of the die! Each Male and Female card has sexy questions for you to ask your partner, and the "Get Hot!" cards give you surprising new erotic techniques for great sex. Includes board, 1 die, playing pieces and instructions.

Reveal & Unleash All Your Lover’s Desires!

Massage Seductions Game

Discover new ways to seduce your lover with sensual massage. Intensify your intimacy with a variety of easy to do massage techniques you’ll both love. The Massage Seductions Game includes a Massage Candle, a Warming Heart Massager, 24 Massage Seduction cards and a spoon. Set aside some time to relax your lover into sensual bliss. First, review the seduction card techniques and pick one with instructions that appeals to both of you the most and proceed. Light the Massage Candle and dribble a little into the palm of your hand as it melts. This makes a fine moisturizing massage lotion to rub into your partner’s skin.

Massage Seductions: Intimate Games of Pleasuring Sensations!

Poker for Lovers

Poker for Lovers: They didn’t change the game of poker – just the chips you wager with! This sexy, fun-loving stripping game is played like traditional poker with explicitly erotic his ‘n’ her chips that spell out what you win! HE may have to be a 3 minute sex slave, or SHE may give up the taboo position of his choice! A great way to learn poker if you don’t know already! Includes card deck, chips, rules and card rankings. You can’t lose!

Strip, Tease, Foreplay, Sex – Bet to Win!

Sex Casino Game

Even Vegas can’t beat Sex Casino games in your own bedroom! Yes, you and your lover can be high rollers all night long, thanks to the Casino Boudoir Game Box. You can play Sexy Slots, Couple’s Casino Craps, Roulette Sex and BJ Blackjack. Earn sensual and sexual rewards during game play, then redeem your chips at the end of the game for favorite sex positions that are printed directly on the chips.

Includes Sexy Slots, Casino Craps, Roulette Sex and BJ Blackjack. If you love playing couples games and the thrill of high stakes, you’ll find the Casino Boudoir Game Box a fun way to combine sex and gaming in one exciting night.

Bring the Casino to Your Bedroom Games!

I’ve Never Game Cards

Learn your partners most intimate secrets and your friends most embarrassing stories with a new sex-themed version of the popular drinking game! Every card is a new question about orgies, personal sex kinks, past hook-ups and more. There’s a series of fun actions (mostly involving drinking but you can also make up your own sexier responses) to do after everyone finishes spilling their guts. The cards are great for bar hopping, partying with friends or just helping to break the ice. And when you’re finished playing, you’ve got a whole list of fun things to try with your partner to get ready for the next game!

Discover Your Partner’s Hidden Sexy Secrets!

Sexual Role Play Game

Here’s a game that encourages you to embark on a playful sexual adventure. Enrich your sex life and spice up your relationship with this fun set of cards filled with naughty, kinky and downright dirty role-playing scenarios for you and your lover to act out! Whoever wins gets to pick a card from the deck, and they’re in charge of that particular role-playing scenario and get to command the scene. Once you reach a stopping point, it’s your turn to draw a card and call the shots! There are over 50 different role-play scenarios including the familiar naughty nurses and kinky coeds as well as several unusual scenarios to surprise you! There’s even a special Bonus Card that lets you create your own role-playing fantasy – make it as wild and as kinky as you want!

Dare to Role Play on The Wild Side!

Note that we’ve updated a few of the links to point to other providers when we discovered they were no longer being carried by Adam & Eve. To see the complete list of sexy games for couples they do currently carry, click on the link below:

Adam & Eve Sex Toys for Couples

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