Stimulate Her Desire Erotic Word Search

Foreplay Ideas to Stimulate Her Desire

Here is a sexy word find puzzle with foreplay ideas you can use to pleasure your girlfriend, wife or mistress. These are samples of some of the hundreds of sensual activities included in our Frisky Foreplay erotic dice game for couples.

Play this erotic word search yourself to get some sexy ideas to try with your lover or turn it into a game and compete to see who can solve it the fastest. Or work on it together and use the last activity solved in your bedroom games. This dirty word search might be a little trickier to solve than the Stimulate Her Desire Erotic Crossword version of the puzzle.

Challenge Your Lover or Frisky Friends

Open in a separate window: Stimulate Her Desire Word Search

PDF version for printing: stimulate-her-desire.pdf

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