Strippopoly & CyberSexOpoly Two Monopoly Style Stripping Games

Strippopoly Monopoly Style Adult Board Game

Strippopoly is a crazy adult party game that has everything from stripping and sexy dares, to drinking and sensual activities for you to enjoy. It has 3 levels of play – soft core, hard core, and extreme. When you have a few friends over looking for some frisky fun, this erotic board game will definitely heat up the action.

With a few drinks to loosen your inhibitions, you can get extra close to your friends as you reveal your wild side in many exciting ways.

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As the name suggests, Strippopoly is an sexopoly style board game with an erotic theme that involves stripping and other risqué adult activities. The title alone gets your imagination swirling with exciting and sexy possibilities. Let’s take a look at this adult party game and see if it deserves a place in your erotic game collection. We will also explore some enhancement ideas that you can use to make this adult game even more fun for couples – you can transform it into a foreplay game just for the two of you.

Strippopoly Review – First Impressions

When my wife and I first saw Strippopoly in a local sex shop, it definitely stood out among the other games – the bright, bold title grabs you attention. The name immediately triggers a flash back to the original property trading game that almost everyone is familiar with. The packaging also seems to be fairly good quality and the weight indicates it has some substance in it. The back of the box includes a realistic view of all the game elements so you can get a good sense of what you are buying. The price was a tad higher than other foreplay games but we were excited to get it home and play together. As a designer, I was very interested to see how the original game idea was adapted for erotic adult fun.

At the checkout, the sales girl informed us that the game "is really more for swingers". Apparently she had purchased the game to play with her boy friend. They were a little disappointed that it requires playing with another couple and figured we should know. Maybe we just looked like a happily married conservative couple instead of adventurous swingers (partially true but our fantasies are still alive). Undaunted, we purchased it anyway since we were now even more intrigued.

The basic idea of the game is that you are buying and selling sex websites. You make money when players visit your properties (websites). Stripping occurs when you land on a website owned by another player or when you get sent to the Strip Club. His/Her activity cards provide opportunities to get frisky with each other – much more than just seeing each other naked.

In this game, there is a lot of stripping – taking clothing off and putting it back on. As an adult party game, you can easily fulfill your secret desire to see your friends naked. It provides a great reason to stay home, save money and get closer to your friends or even make new ones. And if you are on vacation at the cottage or an exotic destination, Strippopoly can add even more excitement.

Is Strippopoly a Good Foreplay Game for Couples?

But what if you are looking for an erotic board game just for two? A foreplay game for couples designed with fun ways to spice up your sex life. Unfortunately, as the sales girl warned, Strippopoly is more suited for multiple couples (4-8 players). Rules are available for threesome play – another frisky fantasy. However, Strippopoly does have potential as a naughty game for lovers – we did not want to let this game gather dust in the closet.

were determined to make it fun for two. With just a few tweaks, we transformed it into an exciting sex game – one that can be played as foreplay for two. But we also kept it playable as a party game to provide risqué entertainment during an evening of erotic fun with (non-swinger) friends. Discover how you can make Strippopololy even more fun.

We decided to create a new set of rules and add more foreplay elements to enhance the game play. Some design goals for the transformation include:

  • Make it playable by two people as a foreplay style game
  • Make it playable by a group of friends in the mood for frisky fun
  • Make stripping optional (to a point) and paced throughout the game
  • Encourage erotic activities without requiring them
  • Integrate the erotic theme and game play elements
  • Stimulate players to get more intimately involved in the game
  • Introduce erotic ideas to stimulate more intimate adventures
  • Enable existing owners of Strippopoly to have more fun

And, most importantly, we wanted it available for you as an electronic download so you can quickly retrofit your game and get to the fun as soon as possible. We call our version of the game CyberSexOpoly.

CyberSexOpoly expands on and integrates the theme of buying and selling sex websites. The objective of the game is to earn the most money as a player in the world of internet sex. To monopolize sexual cyber space, you buy, sell and trade risqué pornographic websites while performing and enjoying special erotic services. You earn cash by selling sex online: more traffic, more sex, more money, more fun. As you gain control of more internet sex sites, you can charge more. Stripping and other erotic activities are encouraged with financial incentives if you can afford it or need the money. You always have a choice but as the game heats up, your inhibitions will melt away. Here are the full CyberSexopoly rules.

New Erotic Dice & Cards

Fully integrating the cyber sex theme and fulfilling the design goals required a new set of His/Her game cards. Each completely new card has been designed with a game related event and an optional or bonus activity that rewards more adventurous play. Each male and female foreplay card contains a sex themed game play event to spice up the fun without actually requiring any intimate touching – you can even play the game with friends. However, each foreplay card also contains an optional, physically stimulating activity that players can choose to perform (if they need or want the money). These optional events are designed to encourage player interaction with increased financial rewards and incentives. How far will you go to get a head?

An innovative twist introduced into the game is a third symbol die. It adds variety to the game play by enabling a new category of events. When you visit an owned/active sex site, you pick a Sex Worker card. The symbol rolled indicates which of four naughty activities you are about to enjoy: erotically arousing foreplay, sensual stimulation, wild passionate sex or your ultimate fantasy. Each sex act has a corresponding price which can become very expensive if the owner controls more than one of the websites in a group. The two other symbols add yet another twist: roll a heart and you get a free pass (in love), roll a $ symbol and you get an option to buy the site (just business).

Here is a sample of the CyberSexOpoly game cards.

After designing the game cards, we discovered another creative use for them. The Sex Worker cards are excellent for randomly selecting roleplaying ideas. Just shuffle the cards and select one for an adventurous night (or week) of fun. Male and female sex worker cards are included each with a fantasy name, brief description and a list of specialties. Stimulate your erotic imagination with ideas that include:

  • Sexy Slither
  • Yummy & Delicious
  • Fancy Feast
  • Slow Sensual Simmer
  • Sole Control
  • Brush With Bliss

Roll the symbol die to pick a specialty on the card to play out or work through all four.

CyberSexOpoly – A Game of Sex & Money

56 Day Money Back Guarantee

Cyber SexOpoly Erotic Monopoly Game


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Download Now for $17.95

You should ONLY buy this sexy transformation kit if you already have a copy of the Strippopoly board game. If you don’t have a copy and want to play a similar type of sex game, check out our Frisky Business Game instead and turn your old monopoly board into a couples game of sex and money.

When you Order CyberSexOpoly Today, you’ll also receive the following Special Bonuses:

Dirty Play Money

A special sheet of Dirty Strip Money has been designed to make your enhanced Strippopoly game even more colourful and interesting. It does take a bit of effort to print and cut out all the money but it is definitely worth it. It can also be used for other creative adult games. Reward each other for helping around the house or being extra nice with Dirty Money — save it up for a very specially priced treat from an erotic menu of delightful pleasures. With a dirty mind, you are sure to find even more creative uses for this erotic currency.

Frisky Business Cards

You will also receive a free set of 140 Frisky Business card designs that you can print on standard business card sheets or just use as a source of sexy ideas. Each card contains a unique sex tip or idea. When you want your lover to get Down to Business, give them your favourite card for erotic inspiration. Slip one into your lover’s wallet when you plan to get Frisky later – let them know you mean business. Leave them around the house or include with romantic gifts. You may be rewarded with a special surprise when they are found.

Order via our secure server with a Credit Card or PayPal. You will have access to download and enjoy CyberSexOpoly within minutes. Just click Download Nowrisk-free!

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Our 8 Week 100% Money Back Guarantee

My wife and I are so confident that you will absolutely love playing CyberSexOpoly that it comes with a NO RISK 100% money-back guarantee. If, within 56 days (8 weeks), you’re not satisfied for any reason, use the contact page to send us an email and you’ll get a full refund. You have absolutely nothing to lose by enhancing your copy of Strippopoly right now – spice up your love life tonight.
"Are you ready for a night of hot playful action…"

If you already own Strippopoly, I know you will enjoy the CyberSexOpoly enhancements. If you don’t have a copy yet, consider purchasing it although it may be hard to get your hands on a copy. After you try it out give our enhancement package a go. If you have a copy of the Make-Your-Own-Opoly kit or want an erotic upgrade for your classic property trading board game, check out our Frisky Business game. It transforms your regular Monopoly board into a brand new sex game for two.

To Your Love of Erotic Games & Each Other,

Michael Kortekaas

P.S. to save you money and get you playing together sooner, the CyberSexOpoly package is being released for sale online only. It is not sold in stores and it can be downloaded within minutes.

To instantly receive and play with CyberSexOpoly design files, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer since the package includes a number of PDF files. If you do not have it, you can download it for free from Adobe. Also, multiple files are Zipped together so you should have a tool to unzip them. These foreplay games are ONLY available via the internet as electronic downloads for you to print as you desire. It is not a physical product so game boards, dice and tokens are NOT included.

CyberSexOpoly is intended as an add-on to an existing copy of Strippopoly – it cannot be played without the base game. Also note that the games in this package are NOT programs you play on your computer. They are design files that need to be printed.

Spice up your erotic fun with CyberSexOpoly!

Games contain adult content (no nudity – explicit textual sex information only).
You must be 18+ (21 in some states & countries) to order.

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