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Have you ever played Boggle with your partner and found a few sexy, slang or dirty words that you wished could be used (in more ways than one)? In this article you’ll discover an erotic variation of the Boggle game rules where your objective is to find as many dirty words as you can. You’ll then need to put your dirty mind to work and use your naughty words to gain extra points. Our Boggle Foreplay version is an exciting dirty word game for couples. It combines talking dirty and a sequence of delightful foreplay activities that pop up as you play. It’s also a sexy strip game that’ll get your competitive juices flowing. You’ll need a Boggle game, a sexy vocabulary and an erotic imagination.

Word Play Games Objective

The goal of erotic Boggle is to find sexy words that can be used to express your sexual desire for each other. When you find the right words, you can make up foreplay ideas to try and then act out your desires for mental and physical stimulation. The foreplay activities you perform (including stripping) are determined by the words you discover and the corresponding sensual ideas you dream up. If you’re stuck for the right words or how to talk dirty to each other using the ones you have, you can also score with points. If you reach 100 points first, you win and get to select a sex play reward. Increase the erotic tension a bit by negotiating the winning terms before you start your dirty word games.

Quick Boggle Game Rules Overview

In the regular game of Boggle, you shake up a box of lettered cubes. Then with a timer set, you secretly write down as many unique words as you can find using the letters shown. When the timer runs out, you compare your word list with the other player, cross out words that you both found and score for words that only you found. Longer words score more points.

Erotic Boggle Game Play

Use a regular Boggle game and standard rules with the following additions:

  • Create a list of foreplay ideas to be performed when you reach various point levels (see our sample online activity template). Include some specific stripping activities at select point levels. Create male and female versions of your foreplay ideas if desired.
  • When either of you score with an interesting word that can be used in a sensual or sexual way, gain double points by using it in a descriptive, verbal request of your lover. They’re then obliged to perform it with/for you immediately. Take turns if you both found different naughty words on the same round. Only one request per player per turn is allowed unless you “steal” a word from your lover. This means you want to use the longest dirty word you have to get the most points.
  • If you can’t think of a foreplay activity using one of your scoring words, your partner has the option to “steal” a word from your list. If they come up with a sexy activity for you to perform, you lose the points you would’ve received for the word they used. They don’t get extra points though – just more pleasure.
  • Players have the option to refuse to perform or participate in a request if they’re not ready for it. However, if you’re making the request, you get double points plus 5 bonus points (if it’s actually possible to perform safely that is). Note that this rule can make the game really dirty and nasty as you both try to out do each other coming up with outrageous and kinky sexual requests.
  • All dirty words are allowed even if they are rude and nasty.
  • Slang terms for body parts, erogenous zones or actions are acceptable.
  • Stripping can be requested but only one article of clothing per turn. You want to keep the anticipation building while you tease each other for fun and pleasure.
As an example, suppose you find lube and your lover doesn’t. You score points for this word and you can use it in the following request: “I would like you to apply flavoured lube to my nipples and lick them tenderly”. Or you find cube and use it like: “I want to use an ice cube to make your hot pussy even wetter”. Also, words for colours can be used to identify items of clothing (red lingerie, black nylons, etc.) to strip off or put on. Even sex toys (gold vibrator, purple dildo, etc.) and other pleasuring accessories (pink handcuffs) can be identified for play.

Note that only interesting words should be used to express creative desires. For instance, don’t use words that have no special meaning or that can be used in almost any sentence (e.g. the, and, can, for, has, etc.).

Also note that the intensity of the foreplay activities should increase as you progress toward 100 points and the end of the game. Be mindful of the current level of arousal and only escalate your foreplay to explicit sexual activity when appropriate.

Scoring With Hot Talk, Foreplay & Strip Boggle

To help get you started playing a couple games, we’ve created an activity template with sample foreplay ideas: Erotic Boggle Foreplay Activities. It’s an online form that let’s you generate new sexy ideas, edit any you want to change and print out. When playing your sexy games, you score as in regular Boggle rules. However, after each turn, if your score has reached (or exceeded) one of the threshold values on the activity template, you receive the corresponding foreplay idea performed by your lover. You only receive the activity bonus once per game and it’s possible to skip some activities if you score more than 5 points in a turn.

Sexy Boggle Game Variations

Here are a few variations you can play with to enhance your couples games:

  • Allow more than one request per turn – one per word scored
  • Use the timer to determine how long activities are to be performed
  • Roll some Spicy Sex Dice if neither player can come up with a foreplay idea
  • When you reach a certain point level, your lover receives the foreplay bonus instead
  • Make it a threesome or mixed couples sex game
  • Play with hot dirty talk only and award bonus points for the most outrageously naughty erotic idea each turn
  • Turn it into a drinking game where players take a drink if they can’t come up with a dirty, sexy activity to match any word they found
If you’re uncomfortable with dirty talking, take a look at the Ultimate Guide for Talking Dirty and discover how to use your voice for incredible mental foreplay any time – seduce and arouse each other even when you’re out in public.

We also wrote a book with more erotic games for couples with lots of foreplay ideas to use with them. We’ve designed the book so you can use the sexy activities in your own adult games. It’s available on Amazon: Sex Games & Foreplay Ideas for Couples as a paperback and for the Kindle. We hope you enjoy it and have lots of fun playing with the person you love.

Play Dirty Games Together and … Enjoy Better Sex!

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